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04-14-09, 11:41 PM
So today I had a very odd experience. I always knew that exercise helped ADD and really just mental health issues across the board but today was like sham-WOW (I can't say that without thinking about prostitutes now it if you're confused btw). I did a ton of push ups and sit ups with my friend along with a very intense few games of hackey sack (we're pretty extreme lol ... we do tricks that require lots of effort and spinning/coordination). After a few hours my mind felt SO clear it was amazing. I'd never experienced anything quite so drastic and quick as far as helping my ADD but it felt good to have a mind that's calm. I could think so damn clearly about what I needed to get done, what was coming up in the week/following weeks, how I was going to finish my night (organization!), just about EVERYTHING!

I realize that this was most likely a fluke because I can't imagine this large of a change would occur every time I workout until I actually sweat but man was it a mind opening experience. I am still in awe at how quickly everything changed but it was really cool while it lasted. Now I at least have some idea of what I should set for expectations when I start trying meds again. Has anyone else had any weird incidents like this? I imagine it occurred because of some rush of chemicals (endorphines or whatever lol) but it was really bizarre to go from like craziness impulsive unorganized thinking to zen clear
minded organized thinking.

- Alex

04-15-09, 01:23 AM
Was the environment different? Were youi outside where the air was fresher? It can also be the friendly competition with your friends and just being in the company of people. That definetly helps.