View Full Version : bad, stressful, hand writing... dystonia

04-22-09, 11:18 AM

I came across this post and thought it may be applicable to me (and anyone using stims whom might be using stimulants (and prone to muscle contractions) and also have bad hand writing.

Apparently this Dystonia or "writer's cramp" is an involuntary muscle contraction that makes hand writing stressful and ugly.

Just thought I'd drop the thread really quick; I have a feeling this knowledge will come in handy later on.

04-22-09, 01:32 PM
i had absolutely horrendous hand writing before adderall! it was because i felt the need to write so quickly, and my hand would do these weird little jerks. i have started to consciously take my time when writing things are are going to be read by someone else. i also write extremely 8 size font on a computer. most of the time i couldnt read my own handwriting. since taking adderall (a whole 2 days lol) i have noticed that i write a lot bigger! thanks for the link!