View Full Version : Moving from US, 10 y/o w/ ADHD

04-25-09, 03:27 AM
My husband just accepted a job in London (we're in NY now). Our 10 y/o son was diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive, not at all hyperactive) about 2 years ago and is on meds. He's currently taking Adderall--which has helped a lot--and which I just discovered from reading these forums is not available in the UK.

Even though I grew up in the UK I really don't understand the medical system at all. Always had private since my dad worked for an American co and had coverage from the US.

Do Bupa or PPP cover ADHD treadment and meds if you have private cover? From what I'm reading in this forum it sounds like the NHS is a big headache. If he has an American diagnosis of ADHD, does the NHS consider that, or do they just ignore it?

How do I find him a decent doc and hopefully a UK-available med that works?

I'd love to hear any experiences/warnings/advice/whatever you have.

Thanks for any help