View Full Version : Either to little or to much and then I'm up all night.

04-25-09, 12:16 PM
My biggest problem with Focalin XR is that if I take 10mg I don't get any benefit but when I take 20mg I can't sleep the next night and my eyes feel dry. I do notice that when I begin to get distracted or begin to drift off of my task I am more aware of it on the 20mg but it doesn't really keep me from doing it, it just makes me aware. Maybe that's the point?

Focalin XR is the first medication I've tried to address only the ADHD. I take wellbrutrin for the associated depression, but have been managing my ADHD on my own. I'd like to have the advantage of meds to help some of the scatter but the Focalin seems to backfire because without sleep I am even worse the next day and end up skipping days to try to even out my sleep patterns.

I've always had insomnia of sorts, but my usual "down at 11:00 PM up at 5:00 AM" has merged into down at 2 and up at 4 with the focalin. I also think it causes a little trouble with my urinary track because of my dry mouth drinking water doesn't work so I have to have other drinks like juice or iced tea to make it manageable.

Arggh. I hear there is a 15mg dosage now. Had anyone had luck with Focalin at lower dosages or when staggering maybe?

04-27-09, 09:03 PM
Can you talk to your doc about changing the dosage? Perhaps taking a smaller dose twice a day will help?

No matter what, talk to your doc and get feedback. If they can't give you good advice, try to find another doc. My ultimate advice: keep the meds to a low. If Focalin is keeping you up, that's not good. You need your sleep, no matter what.

Good luck.