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04-26-09, 05:52 PM
Hi all,

I know there are threads like this elsewhere in the forums but i was wondering if as teens you have your own methods to cope with your ADD/ADHD ??

Ways to remember things ?

Ways to stop procrastination ?

Ways to keep concentration up ?

Any gadget that help u ?

Anything else useful ?

Thanks in advance


04-26-09, 08:59 PM
Interesting thread Samtux,

I know my teen son relies on his cell phone now. He uses the reminder features and the calendar. It keeps up with his next doctor's appointments, upcoming projects, signal when the school bus will be arriving, time to take the dog out, etc... I think it is attached to him 24/7.

04-26-09, 09:17 PM
I use my cell phone too (blackberry curve), iCal (I have a macbook), post it notes, and email myself. I can also check my email through my BB.

My cell phone or my computer is with me at all times.

can you keep a phone on you at school?

04-27-09, 03:42 PM
Thanks Guys

Yes i can keep my phone on in school and i also have a bb curve !

I have found that however good the task list etc is i never remember to look at it !


04-27-09, 07:12 PM
I ask one of my friends to call me up after school to make sure that I'm on target/noted down all the homework for the day. If I don't do my homework I feel like I let my friends down so it helps a lot. :p

Another thing that has helped me remember those little pieces of info is a whiteboard beside my desk. Any urgent homework/activities goes straight on there.

Procrastination is a toughie to combat, although there is some stuff to try and kickstart the willpower such as using a phrase that when you say it, you automatically have to start working again.

10-25-09, 10:42 AM
we got given these funny purple plastic wiggly thing sorry im bad at describing :S i think there used to help stop smoking but great to help fidgiting or shaking your leg constantly - i hope thats not just me :D.
post it notes as well are a great help as long as you remeber to read them!
:) x

12-13-09, 10:40 PM
Write notes to help you remember things
if you have something to do just do it straight away or it'll be hanging over your head later i hate the feeling of having to do something.
write notes on your hands and set reminders on your phone to go off when you need to do something

12-13-09, 11:06 PM
Sometimes I write something important down on my hand/leg :P

Usually, though, I will use the calender on my phone. It will start vibrating when it goes off. It's great to have and I'm only without it when I'm sleeping :D


12-18-09, 09:15 PM
I write things down in a planner, have reminders sent from live calendar. It helps a lot.

12-28-09, 03:50 PM
Taking lots of breaks while studying and setting very small goals can be helpful for concentrating.
Also studying with a friend helps keep me on task.