View Full Version : Study links ADHD drugs with better test scores

04-27-09, 11:24 PM

At last, a positive news story about ADHD drugs.

04-28-09, 04:33 PM
The outcome of this study seems obvious to me, but the more studies the better.

I'm also happy to note that this is a fairly balanced article.

One sentence strikes me as odd though:
Teachers often advocate medication because it can calm disruptive behaviour.Huh?

It seems like every article on ADD I read paints a picture of teachers calling up parents and telling them "your kid's getting on my nerves, put him on ritalin"

I've yet to encounter a teacher or school that in any way pushes medication.

This doesn't mean that none do, and if some do, its inappropriate.

I'm fairly certain, however, that any teachers that advocate for medication would not say they do it to "calm disruptive behavior" but rather to enable students to learn. I doubt many teachers would be in favor of unnecessarily administering kids anti-psychotics, even though that would calm disruptive behavior as well as stimulants, and have the added benefit of working on a larger number of disruptive students.

Certainly no professional organizations of teachers have adopted such a position, but this conception of teachers as pill pushers always seems to be put out there as if its just common knowledge.