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04-28-09, 09:36 PM
Okay well i recently woke up wet. I never "do this" so I was amazed. Of course i dont know how to opperate the washing machine (lol) and i felt really embarrased so when my mom asked me whut happened i said it was my puppy. I dont really think it was andy though, he is too small to do that and the "stuff" was on my pj pants and shirt and not on andy, so I guess it was me. I dont think I will wake up wet tonight bcause i dont really do that stuff, so maybe it was just a 1 time thing. anyways, I would not perfer to tell my mom YET so i was thinking I could wait and see if it was a prank from my dear old sister (>.>) or if im ill. Anyways, i would like tips just to be safe, I would perfer not to go to a doc for this :) thanks guys.

04-28-09, 10:30 PM
Something like that happened to me, way back in highschool. I dreamed so vividly that I had gotten up and used the bathroom, that I woke up having gone in bed. Very embarrassing since I had a friend over that night. Ee-gads.

For a one-time thing, I'd say it was from an intense dream, stress, or something emotional. If it happens again maybe look at eating/drinking habits before bedtime. Look at the simple explanations and move on to the doctor if it cotinues to cause a problem.

04-28-09, 11:07 PM
(I know your age and gender) - Are you sure it was urine?

04-29-09, 12:18 AM
i dont know how to operate the washing machine (lol)

I BAN omgz-wtfz for not knowing how to use the washing machine!!

(Ooops! Wrong thread.....:mad: )