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04-28-09, 10:51 PM
It seem like all I do is procrastinate. I can't give my studies 100%.

I am taking an online course and I am behind. I want to finish but what if I fail? What am I going to do. I am 40 years old going back to school.

Please help with advice. I have ADD and it seem like I can't retain much info. I take Adderall xr 20 mg and it makes me feel like I am in a hurry. I am about 6 months behind. Help me catch up with some advice to study, memorize, study for test!

04-29-09, 04:18 AM
Does Adderall improve your concentration? Memory? Impulsive behaviors? If not, you may want adjust your medication either to the right dosage or type.

Are you only taking one course? If you're trying to build your study habits from scratch, limit yourself to one or two courses. Otherwise, expect to be frustrated, overworked and stressed.

At the worse scenario, what would happen if you did fail a course? Can you retake it again? Does the new grade override the failing one at your school? What about other campuses? If you can't take the course, then you might have better luck with another.


Right now, catch up on the most recent work until you have enough time to complete the old ones.

Schedule in time to actually do the work. Split the workload into something small you can tackle daily or every other day. For an example, if a student has a 9 page paper due within a month. They can spend an hour every day researching their topic, creating an outline or writing. The key here is to keep the task approachable. Do not schedule in something you know is too much to handle.

Make yourself accountable for following up on your plan. Get the help of your teachers, friends, family, etc. if necessary. Staying on a routine can be the biggest pain of them all, but I promise you that it will help you get your study habits into shape. (I've been failing classes for about 4 consecutive years. Nothing has helped me more than this technique.)

Don't berate yourself for not passing the class if it happens. After all, catching up is no easy task as your workload doubles or triples depending on how far behind you are. If you have followed through on your goals, be proud of yourself and continue to do the same the next time around. The results should come soon. Learning skills take time. ;)

When you fail to do something, take note of it and find tips for improvement.

And also try discovering your learning style. Do you retain and process information better during lectures? Conversations? Through visual aids? Study groups? Etc. This will be a HUGE benefit!


These also have good information: (

+ "The Now Habit" by Neil Fore (Excellent book on procrastination)

*I'll update this with links if I come across helpful articles.

Experience: Failed classes for years. Nearly flunked out of high school and college, but was able to bypass due to intelligence. Been on academic probation for two and a half years.