View Full Version : Finally on Lithium, after another visit to the psych unit

04-29-09, 01:57 PM
After yet another visit to the psych unit I decided that enough was enough. I figured I better try one of the more conventional treatments. So now I'm on Lithium Carbonate. I started at 300mg 2x/day and Monday my levels were checked and it came back 0.3. So it was raised to 300mg AM and 600mg HS. So far so good. I got lucky because I was able to reduce my Zyprexa dosage from 10 to 5mg so that was helpful. I was able to get off of Cogentin too. That was a big help because the Cogentin was making me dizzy. And they decreased the dosage when I went in from 1mg 2x/day to .5mg 2x/day and now I'm not on Cogentin @ all. But the Lithium I feel is a help to me. I've only wished I listened and got on it sooner but we live and learn. I have to get my levels checked again in a week and I have an appt with a pdoc tomorrow. Then I guess it's back to my regular psychiatrist. So all in all I'm doing better now and I hope for it to continue.

08-07-09, 11:14 PM
hey there, i have bipolar disorder too. yeah, if you're bipolar lithium should be up there among the first meds you try. it can be the best thing if you are what my psych calls "a lithium responder"; not all bipolars are, but it can be a wonderful med for some.

09-27-09, 11:49 PM
I was recently in the psych ward for the same reason. I too was put on Lithium with the same results in the blood reports 4 days latter. but my Levels were .4L still not at a theraputic level (reference range .6 to 1.2)

I went from 300 to 600ml of Lithium and was released a few days later.......

I know this part is not responsible but try not to respond to it because I already know

......I stopped taking it. Is Lithium really responsible for mood? My reasoning for not taking it is due to having to regularly check my blood and the health concerns my doc expressed when Lithium is too high. I dont have insurance and lab work is expensive.

Is this mood disorder the only disorder that can be diagnosed with a blood test? and if it is that simple then why are so many people diagnosed with bi-polar with out ever having their blood levels tested?