View Full Version : Any Respiderone?

04-29-09, 06:20 PM
I was on it a little bit ago. Just to calm my "irritability" issues.. But it was too effective in the wrong ways.

Anyone currently taking it? Used to? Please, friends, share your stories.

About me, I know I laughed one hell of a lot, probably one of my most natural laugh in a while. I was sleepy and sluggish and muscle tremors plagued me.

10-01-09, 02:38 AM
my nefew is currently taking it dont know about other people taking it but it works miracles for him he has opositional defiant disorder as well as ADHD
he used to have these horrible outburst of rage i mean asking him to take out the trash turned into throwing the nearest thing he can, holes in my wall, broke the bunkbed with a bat, cardboard over the windows so when he went into eposide it didnt break. he was failing 2nd grade grade didnt think he was gonna pass,been suspended, and numorous detentions,had to call cops to come find him when he decided to ditch school in 2nd grade!!! u would think he was being a rebelious teenager but was only going on 8 and since he has started taking it he barely passed 2nd grade but is now in 4th grade and doing fine no more "episodes" hes not zombie-ish, sluggish, or dayzed like i hear other ADHD meds can make u just spaced out. he wants to play football & baseball this year in school. every now & then he will have an episode but hey i can live with that.

However i should say was doing fine because at first they were just giving him rispiderone but now they are making him take 2 different pills am in the process of trying to find him a new doctor because i dont wanna give him this new pill because his old meds were working just fine but she decrease the respiderone and gave him another pill thats suppose to stop the occasional "episode" and he is slowly becoming like he was before with all the rage & anger and school year just started and is failing every subject i hope i get this med thing fixed so he dont fail..anyways i am pleased with respiderone its when they start throwing other stuff in there that u gotta start to worry