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mADD mike
04-30-09, 08:50 PM
So, how'd you do this week?

My wife and I are looking into trying the couch to 5k program. However, my sleep lately has been terrible, and I just don't have the energy to do anything and feel terrible most of the time. We worked hard to get a system of alarms set up so that we could quit oversleeping in the morning. That works great. However, we still aren't getting to sleep at a decent time, and without the oversleeping to compensate, it is really taking a toll on me particularly.

Business has been taking over too. We've got the new car washing deal with the local baseball team starting Monday, and now a new assisted living facility is being built and is interested in us cleaning their office and model apartments, and then doing post-construction cleanup of the 100 plus apartments they will be building. That's another big deal.

Who needs exercise when work is killing you physically already, lol.

I hope you guys and girls had a great week!:D

05-01-09, 06:18 AM
Whoa Mike! I agree, sounds like you guys are being exercised without having structured exercise. On the other hand, I have to recommend C25K whole heartedly! Somewhere I have (or can dig up) links to the podcasts that make it much easier to follow the program - Robert Ullery is the guy who made them and he tells you when to run, when to walk, and plays music to help you along.

4/25: walked/hiked at the farm for ~1.5 miles
4/27: ran intervals
4/28: ran ~2.25 miles
4/29: ran ~2.35 miles
4/30: ran ~2 miles, worked on upper body at gym

05-01-09, 11:02 AM
I’m up to 5 and 6 days a week walking circles around the lake, and now running for three minutes at the end... I started wearing a belt to keep my pants up while running - YESSSS!!!

It is becoming more interesting as the weather warms. Skiers and model boats come out, along with home made flotation devices for fishing; there are all sorts of toys with wheels. We are seeing runners, joggers, "power-walkers," and just-barely-able-to-remain-upright-but-my-doc-told-me-to-do-this-or-die shuffles. Depending on the weather, one day my wife and I have the park to ourselves except for the occasional habituated fisherman/woman (Monday - 40 degrees and windy), the next there are parties, jet skis, high school track teams, half the dog population of the city, moms-to-be counting the days to be delivered, illegal fireworks, and home made concession carts (Wednesday - 60+ w/slight breeze).

I started walking around my basement at Christmas time. I had on just enough light to see. I had a CD player with headphones to help me stay motivated. It was cold, dark, and a little cramped. Sometimes when I had a window open for fresh air, snow would blow in from outside and I would think of these spring days.

Maybe I could get an inflatable rowboat and do an upper-body workout. I love water and cannot wait to get on it or in it!

05-01-09, 11:11 AM
Hey, Mike! I hope you can soon get a breather in your MADD life! I hate it when things get jerked around and responsabilities compete with each other. I know that will happen as soon as I start working again.

05-01-09, 11:17 AM
Mike, good grief, how could you possibly find the time or the energy to work out? It would seem that some decompression/meditative type activity would be more helpful in the midst of your highly physical and time-pressed days. You're a busy man! Glad to hear that your business is doing so well. :D

Firstdesserts I'm inspired by your commitment and basement walking! That's something for me to keep in mind when I'm feeling whiney and not wanting to do my walk because it's only 60 degrees out and I don't feel like putting on a sweatshirt. :o

I'm not posting my results yet, I still have today and tomorrow......

05-02-09, 11:48 AM
Okay - I did my excercise three days this week, and reached my goal. I'm definitely feeling physically stronger! School is out in a couple of weeks, and I'm going to set some new weekly goals so I'm getting out there five days instead of three.

05-02-09, 01:22 PM
*whistles and looks away*
no exercise and more food! yikes. my mom is visiting so I keep buying stuff I think she'd like and eating it too!
buying a bike in 2 weeks. please hassle me.