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05-02-09, 03:28 AM
Hi All :)

I'm new to ADHD- just got prescribed Ritalin despite being diagnosed when I was 10.

My psychiatrist referred me to LADS WA and I have joined up, emailed no response yet. I read a few threads that it's pretty good so I look forward to knowing more about it. :cool: I think that's the only support group in WA isn't it? I live in regional WA so might be difficult to get to LADS often. :(

My main question is what other supports are there in WA? I was hoping to look for an ADHD Coach as I hope to get some kind of professional coaching for my work related issues. It's really wrecking havoc at the moment. :o

Otherwise does anyone know any Coaches in Australia who would do telephone coaching? :confused:

:D Thanks all, and I really hope to meet fellow WA/Aussies with ADHD.

06-20-09, 09:57 AM
Hi Arwen

There's not a lot in WA. The best option is to go to your GP and get a psychology referral which can give you 12 sessions a year under Medicare. LADS should be able to give you some names of some good psychologists or your psychiatrist may know some too. Other than that most of the support comes from o'seas on forums like this one. I've been into LADS once about 9 years ago but I live south of the river and work full time so it's hard to get to anything.

05-17-10, 10:20 AM
just waving hello to fellow West Aussie Add'ers- Im Emily, nice to meet you and glad to have found this place!