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04-18-04, 03:31 PM
Thanks to Futs I ordered the video 1-2-3-Magic. I really really liked this video and it has helped a great deal as for as getting my grandson to stop some of his disruptive behavior. I am the only one using it but I think my daughter is seeing that it is helping him. If I can get her to watch the video I believe it would help even more. The concept seems so simple but so far and I have been doing it about 2 weeks now. It has helped lots. Wished I had watched this video with my own children. Of course I realize it is not a miracle cure. But at this point it is helping lots and that is giving me encouragement. I don't have to raise my voice or get harsh just count. He hates the time out.

I don't know if everyone has the same success but if you are consistent with the time outs, and follow the instructions of the video it does work. Or to a certain point. I want to get the "More 1-2-3-magic video next and I'm hoping it helps me as much as this one. Thanks for the recommendation!!!;)

04-19-04, 01:25 AM
Sounds good Julie you sound like an awesome caring grandmother!
I may look into the video, wonder if the library has it?
My boy tried everything today on me and I didn't compromise once.
I always thought compromising was good, but give him an inch he takes a mile, so I am not anymore. He did time out. And seemed better afterwards. He got back from his dads today. Tomorrow should be easier.

concerned mom
04-19-04, 01:36 PM
can anyone explain to me in some detail excatly what the 1-2-3- magic video is

04-20-04, 11:52 AM
It is really a very simple idea but you have to be consistent everytime because the kids will always test you. Basically you explain to them what you are going to start doing. You explain the new rules and this is just for the minor annoying stuff that kids do like whinning and fussing etc.

Then when they say come up to you with a question or ask you something etc. and you say no and give them a reason. If they keep asking you just raise your finger and calmly say thats one. Which this tells them that you are giving them there first warning to stop. You don't say anything else. If they stop then everything is fine. If they keep on after 5 seconds you say that 's 2 and hold up 2 fingers. Still no explaining no fussing at them or any words just that. Then if they stop even if they are fussing a little as they are walking away you let it go. If they continue asking and doing the behavior you say thats 3 hold up 3 fingers and say take 5 )meaning go to time out) really the time out should be set at one minute for every year that they are. If they then want go to time out because of temper or what ever you still have to make them go. The video goes in to detail about explaining how and other things that would take too long to explain but I think you get the gist of it. You are not supposed to argue, explain, just calmly but stick to your guns about time out everytime . Then when they come out of time out you don't say anything just all is forgotten. You go about your business. It has been working pretty good for me. There is of course more to it . Hope the explains it enough so you know what Im saying.

concerned mom
04-20-04, 11:58 AM
ya thanks .. but does it work with kids who have odd too ?

04-20-04, 12:26 PM
I was going to write something, but I glanced out the window and it was so cute, my son is trying to fly. He claims to be gliding. He is using the big tops of plastic storage bins.
I'll remember it later,,

04-20-04, 10:21 PM
The author of the video says it works and his son I believe is ADD, my grandson is we believe to be ADHD. We haven't had him seen by a doctor yet but the school feels like it is likely and he behaves and is very hyper. It has helped with my grandson. I think it is suitable for all kids between 2-12. I have watched the video twice and want to watch it again. Also regularly so I don't let my resolve slip and follow it. Dr. Phelan is the author and he is a clinical physocolgist. He says his son was a wholly terror. Anyway maybe someone else here may have read the book or seen the video and can give some input. I can just say how it has helped me. It isn't a miracle worker but if you follow it , it does help. Anyway I was at a point with my grandson that I was willing to try anything to try to help. I don't believe in spanking and I don't like to yell which of course I have gotten very frustrated at times and been harsh with my grandson. Which never helps the situation but sometimes we get to a point that we say more than we should, louder than we should.
Anyway these are just my thoughts on the matter.

04-22-04, 09:45 PM
I had it wrong it was Prollie who suggestions the video 1-2-3-magic and Futs would I printed out the reward cert. I was reading back over the posts tonight and realize who had advised what. Thanks

11-04-04, 07:06 PM
1-2-3 magic NEVER worked for me, It gave me something to make fun of when i was little though

03-29-05, 02:29 PM
1-2-3 IS magic. We have used that for my grandaughter since she was two....and believe me, she MOVES by the count of 3. She never has to be spanked because she always obeys or gets up by 3. How funny it was thought one time when she said, "NO, no Mommy....don't get to 4....!! My daughter said.."It isn't 4 you have to worry about..its 3!!!" haha We just cracked up.

09-26-05, 12:10 AM
Hey all,
I borrowed the two videos in the series from my local library and it seems really interesting. I'm in a college program to become a sp. ed. T.A. so anything that may be helpful is great.

Try checking your library to see if they have copies, it will save you money. definitely worth watching though!!

09-26-05, 05:23 PM
We used this technique on our kids when they were younger. Worked great. I think I need to redo it with my son. He's twelve and thinks that he needs the last word in any conversation/argument. The darn kid just won't shut up when he's told to! Time to remind him who's boss!


09-30-05, 07:07 AM
Hey parents!
I'm a current special education teacher assistant student in college and have been working with kids all my life. I graduated from university this may (BA psychology) and have a passion for anything psychology related...

I am also a youth worker for a girl with ADHD and really freaked out about being responsible for her as her father emphasized that she is very stubborn etc.

I have ADHD myself (inattentive and sometimes hyperactive... ) and I turned out fairly well I would like to say...

I have been to the local library a LOT the last few months to check out what they have on parenting ADHD children and I came across two videos. At first I didn't clue inthat they are the same ones mentioned in the resources section in this forum.

they're called
Video 1-2-3 Magic (how to manage difficult behaviour)
More Video 1-2-3 magic (how to encourage cooperation)

the strategy works!
the guy who is talking in it is a psychologist and has a child w/ ADHD himself.

my local library had both videos so it was free to rent and watch.

I highly reccommend seeing if you can find it at your local library or check out the university or college library. if you don't go to the institution, you can often get a card for a small fee, or watch the videos at the library.

HIGHLY reccommended!!!!
dont forget to take notes while you watch it.

05-04-06, 05:00 AM
please let me know how do i get the videos or other material

05-04-06, 05:03 AM
i will be logging back on later i must get to sleep please some one out there help me with my issues...
my son has adhd i NEED help with him .. night and day .. one min. he is happy next NOT happy.. please help me thank you all kelly

05-04-06, 08:44 AM
hello kelly wellcome to the froumssss theres loudssssss ofve help an the a lovely peps allways happy to help lets us know what it is you wish to know an iam shore there be some one here that have expaice that be helpfull to you anyways lovely to have meet you dorm