View Full Version : When should you see changes after starting meds?

Michelle K.
05-03-09, 11:22 AM
Hello. I am sort of upset. I haven't noticed any changes since starting our son on Adderall XR 5mg last Wednesday. He still acts like he was before the meds. I thought I would see some kind of improvement by now.

Also, I was reading more about adhd meds and was shocked to read about adhd meds can cause Sudden Unexplained Death. I had no idea, that is very scary. I think I am going to call his doctor this week and talk more about all of this.

05-04-09, 02:09 PM
How old is he? Have you talked to his teacher? The med is usually worn off by the time the child gets home from school. Also, 5mg is a pretty small dose. Although, it is true, the meds don't always work.

johnny s.
05-04-09, 02:17 PM
adderall works basically with the first pill as far as I know.

Old School MBD
05-04-09, 04:12 PM

Medication is only one prong of a multi prong treatment of ADD. Therapy is also vital, and the medications play an important role in therapy, by allowing your child to focus on the session.

Finding the proper medication/dosage may take multiple visits to the doctors office. But belive me, it's well worth the hassle of multiple visits. 5mg is just a starting dosage. Your doctor may choose to up the dosage, or have your son take an afternoon "booster" of a short acting version of adderall.

Please do ask his teacher how he is doing at school.

As for safety, The Government of Canada has throughly reviewed the safety of Adderall XR, and approves it's usage within Canada.