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05-03-09, 05:09 PM
Question? Has anyone ever switched from Adderall XR to Focalin - Immediate Release? I was going to try it tomorrow but so scared of the side effects. Has anyone had a bad experience with Focalin? I have ADD -- major lack of focus -- almost to the point of being the laziest person, I know. The Adderall XR seems to give me the energy I needed to get my projects completed -- but it seems that I am needing more and more to achieve the same results as when I first started. Will Focalin give me that Energy boost? I do not understand all the non english medication talk -- Molecules and isomers, I just need to know the difference in simple terms. :confused:

05-04-09, 10:55 PM
Focalin is a "cleaner" drug than Adderall XR or Adderall IR in that it consists only of the active isomer (no technical talk, you just need to know that it ONLY has the isomer that helps ADHD, and the inactive isomer is totally removed). This is not the case with Adderall, which is approx 75% the active, therapeutic isomer and 25% the inactive (mostly inactive) isomer. So like Dexedrine (dexamphetamine), Focalin (dexmethylphenidate) is very "clean" and very targeted towards its therapeutic actions of relieving ADHD symptoms with less side effects.

IMO, Adderall and Focalin are equipotent mg for mg (meaning 10 mg adderall has the same anti-ADHD potency as 10 mg focalin), where Ritalin is weaker than both (ritalin is half the anti-ADHD potency of either Adderall or Focalin).

If you switch from your dose of Adderall XR (IDK what it is, so I'll use 30 mg as an example) to Focalin IR, you want your total daily dose to add up to the same number of mg. Since adderall xr is really long acting and focalin IR quite short acting, you'd probably want to take your focalin IR in three divided doses. If your Adderall XR dose is 30 mg a day, take 10 mg focalin IR 3x per day, one pill every four hours, to get a total dose of 30 mg focalin.

I've found focalin absolutely fantastic for my ADHD-primarily inattentive (with a little hyperactivity, but much more inattentive). My grades have improved in college on 10 mg focalin 2x per day because I can more effectively manage my time due to being able to concentrate on things and improved mental clarity (focalin completely abolished the "brain fog" I was constantly in).

IME side effects are not something to worry much about with Focalin. It's a VERY clean drug. It does what it's supposed to (reduce ADHD symptoms) without much if any hypertension, jitters, or crash. It's very clean -- can't emphasize that enough.

I can't guarantee that it will work for you, but don't be afraid to give Focalin IR a try. I think it's very under-used and under-rated.

So many folks are on Ritalin which is a dirtier drug (it's half inactive isomer of methylphenidate which causes mostly side effects and has little if any anti-ADHD effect ... the levomethylphenidate is pretty much totally void of anti-ADHD activity but causes a plethora of side effects) ... and so few people are on Focalin which is, pharmacologically, basically Ritalin 2.0 / Ritalin Plus / Ritalin, New and Improved. I'm not saying that Ritalin doesn't work well for some people, and it is more well known and more generics are available, so it's easier to find a doctor who will prescribe Ritalin and a pharmacy that has stock of generic Ritalin, but I think Focalin is just a better medication. I predict that when Focalin IR and Focalin XR both go off-patent and generics flood the market, Ritalin will loose a LOT of patients to Focalin IR and XR.

Edit: I just saw that your dose would be 40 mg total. In that case, it would probably be best to take 2 10 mg pills in the morning, and 5 to 7 hours later take 2 more 10 mg pills, for a total of 40 mg focalin. So you'd get 120 10 mg focalin IR tablets a month, take four tablets every day, two morning, two afternoon.

Give it a shot if you feel you wish to try something new and ditch the Adderall XR.

05-11-09, 12:37 AM
With ritilan the l-methylphenidate is removed by the liver and very little gets into the body. Focalin is therefore about twice as potent as ritilan by weight ie. your only taking the isomer that the body absorbs.

However this is not the case for adderall (amphetamine). l-amphetamine is active + and enters the body. l-amp produces very similar in effects to d-amphetamine, but causes stronger PNS effects. l-amp also has a longer half life in the body then d-amp. The PNS effects makes it easier to judge when the medication is kicking in and wearing off. The stronger PNS effects also make it possible to "feel" how much medication your on @ theraputic ranges.


05-11-09, 12:56 AM
The above posters have covered it well. Focalin XR (which I'm on) is a smooth, long-lasting med with minimal side effects. To answer your question directly, you will build up a tolerance (need more for the same effect) with any stimulant, including Focalin. These meds aren't intended (when used therapeutically) to provide an excess of physical energy. If the med is working as intended, you should feel mentally alert and physically active, but not so much that it's overly noticeable. Chasing anything more than that is a mistake.