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05-07-09, 06:43 PM
I am new to the board. I have a 9 year old son who was diagnosed at the age of 5 as ADHD. I had known since he was 2 or so that he was different and suspected ADHD. He also was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction in his 2nd year of K (yes he redid K) and has very poor fine motor skills. Writes terrible even in the 3rd grade and still can not tie his shoe. He has a wonderful heart but he is driving our family over the edge.

He wakes early every morning, 5 30-6 am not matter his bedtime and is bouncing off the walls. He takes Melatonin to fall asleep. We have all the TVs, computer games and video games on lock down b/c no matter how many times we tell him the rules he will break them before he takes his med and they kick in.

He is currently 73 pounds and has been on Ritalin LA 30 mg for 2 years I believe. My new Ped who I do not like, HMO, all of the sudden seems to think it is a very high dose. I have no idea. I use to be a no med person but he needed something to function so almost 5 years ago I gave up my natural remedies, feingolds, chiropractors, homeopathic Drs etc for Ritalin and some sanity. He still gets fish pills and has OT provided through the school 1 x a week.

I am wondering now if Ritalin LA is causing some of his aggression in the evening. He dislikes school no wonder with his issues and has trouble with friendships b/c he has poor social skills and limited interests. I wonder about mild Aspergers and a multitude of other diagnoses. But my main desire in this post is to determine if 30 mg Ritalin LA is a high dosage for a 73 pound 9 almost 10 year old (oct bday)? and to hear other's experience with this particular drug and dosage? What other drugs did you try? Taking him completely off meds is not an option right now as much as I wish it was. We are looking for maybe an alternative med to try as summer is coming and it wld be a good time, and to get him into some counseling which might or might not help from what I have heard.

I am near Redlands, CA and I scheduled a new psychiatrist appointment for him I wld love for anyone in the area to pm me if they have any recommendations for psychiatrist and/ or psychologist that are good in the general area.

05-09-09, 04:59 AM
maybe he needs a second pill in the afternoon (say a 5mg or 10mg instant release) so he doesn't get the crash. I've taken them once before and it was great all day, actually got stuff done in class, etc, the afternoon i was stuffed and could not do my homework (felt like crap).

starting off at 30mg is quite alot, i'm 87kg (6 foot something as well) and i wouldn't take a 30mg. Mind you it isn't instant release it's delayed, but i think he shoulda been started on a lower dose.

05-11-09, 01:23 PM
The dosing recommendations for Ritalin LA are to start off at 20mg then add 10mg weekly until you get the desired effect. (per the physicians RX info sheet) Dosing for stimulants for ADHD does not always correlate with body mass. 30mg is not really that high of a dose. Having said that, drop down to 20mg for a few days and see how it goes.(after discussing with your Dr. of course)

The irritability in the evenings is a common effect called rebound. When the meds wear off the behaviors can become worse than when never took the med. Johnny's suggestion is pretty common. However, I am a big fan of Vyvanse. The dosing for Vyvanse can be set to provide a full day of benefits.

10-02-13, 01:00 PM
My 10 year old started the defiant behavior last year around the same time as this. According to my doctor, whom we love, it is Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which goes hand in hand with ADHD. It will manifest typically around the same time as puberty, due to their hormones going crazy. I understand how this affects the family dynamic, and I have no resolutions or helpful hints either. I can only say the meds aren't the cause, they are just helping him from lashing out all the time. When the meds wear off, so does his impulse control, and he will freak out on you then. The only thing we have found that works is sending him to his room by himself, which is not actually helpful since this makes him feel like we don't want him involved in the family. Shoot, if anyone has any recommendations for resolving that, I am more than willing to listen!!