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05-12-09, 05:31 PM
I've been thinking about my tic's quite a lot lately. I can disguise them quite well and have done for years but every now and then they can become extreme and i become totally aware of it.

Throughout my life some people I know have commented on my tics and I think that's great! Most people however don't say anything and thats fine too. I guess it would be uncomfortable for someone to ask about it incase they think they may offend me.

Point is... ...I know I do it, and although it bothered me as a child, there are times I just cant control it which I just accept!

To Note : My tics generally consist of me clearing my throat (coughing,grunting or moaning), sniffling or squinting and sometimes a little bit of swallowing.

As a software developer I tend to spend a lot of time, maybe days, working closely alongside any one of my colleagues. What I find both rather funny and disturbing is how after sitting with some people after a period of hours they start to imitate my tics.

This isnt just at work, throughout my life I've met people who while with them have started to immitate my tics.

I know its some kind of psychological reaction to me doing it and find it funny they are doing it but also dont want them to feel guilty in any way.

What I'm intrested in knowing is if any of you guys have experienced this, your stories and your thoughts

05-12-09, 07:15 PM
I have heard of people with a tic disorder having their tics flare up when they see someone else preforming a tic. But this, assuming they aren't consciously doing it for whatever reason, is just funny. I guess tics can maybe work like an accent. If someone is around someone speaking with an accent, eventually the person will start to talk with the accent without even knowing it.

05-14-09, 06:31 PM

I don't have Tourette's, but I'm not NT either . . . and I *so* find myself wanting to tic when I see others ticcing (most of the time they're subtle enough that NTers don't even seem to notice). I don't want to seem obnoxious, either, but sometimes it happens subconsciously.

05-20-09, 11:30 AM
Hi -

I just had to pop in and respond to this. My son has Tourette's, diagnosed in the last few months as the vocal tics became more than just throat clearing and sniffling -- he is yelling "Yup"-type sounds very loudly and sometimes they turn into an odd screech. He surprises himself sometimes with the screeches and he'll say to me "Wow, that was awkard!"

Anyway, the point of my post is that the sounds have become so much a part of our normal life at home that I feel myself wanting to make the same sounds he does -- I don't know why. Part of me thinks it's to help make him feel comfortable that he's not the only one, or that it's some sort of weird communication, or maybe it's just because I plain find it funny at times. Or, maybe I'm just a weirdo !

05-21-09, 04:05 AM
Hi Cosake, I dont think this is wierd at all.

As I've only recently been diagnosed, alot of this has only just come out with my family and it turns out that alot of my family also have this condition, unbeknown to them.

Anyway point is, talking to my mum about it, she says she and alot of my relatives find they do the same copying when in the presence of family memebers who do have TS. I have a rather large family (bout 10-12 aunts/uncles + about 4 kids each) on my fathers side and most of the men have this problem. Most of the partners say its become part of life and they do find themselves copying but they're all just used to it.

I dont think its weird, i thinks its just a way for people to cope. I guess some people who have TS can get embaressed or upset when they here people copying but I think you'll find most arent bothered by it. I know I'm not, its just part of who I am and i cant help it.

Unless it bothers your son, i wouldnt let it bother you ;-)

06-02-09, 06:33 AM
I find it dead funny when people copy my tics (mainly consisting of shouting beak and a wierd scream like "awoahw"!!)

My mates all say beak as a day to day word so it's normal if i shout beaky beaky!! we aren't a very normal bunch though!

08-29-09, 11:36 AM
wow lol just had a tics marathon from reading this lmao

i have the shaky kind :D

i dnt really see ppl imitating mine but i do feel a tic coming on when someone is shivering of they get the whole "someone walking ove your grave shaky thing" lol

i think with regards to ppl who have tics imitating it's because conciously or unconciously your thinking about them. when i talk to ppl about psychological stuff a thought about my tics comes to mind and i need to shake lol.

luckily i can like super control them now they like less than a shiver most of the time (unless i avoid them for too long and go all exorcist lmao)

btw side note, does anyone have the shaky kind and when they have really bad one, one of their hands goes to their neck (not strangly just kinda hangs under chin shaking lmao)