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05-17-09, 02:39 PM
They suck, don't they?

I was told I have Emotional Dysregulation(same label for BPD) and I was told I have attatchment disorders, I was confused by this, but after reading into Dependant Personality Disorder... gosh, both me and my mum... it sounded so much like me... My mother said she is going to arrange an appointment at a childrens clinic I've been going to since I was 7 for my difficulties(mental health n all) and ask about all of this, what can be done, what the clear diagnosis is, all that stuff... I mean, she didn't say much on it, just that I had Emotional Dysregulation and a bunch of other things and I quit at CBT and that's it... ;/

I hate it.
I hate feeling like this.
I hate thinking like this.
I hate all of it.

I'm so screwed up.


My whole life has been screwed up.

Gah. :(

05-18-09, 09:56 PM
Have you done DBT?

05-18-09, 10:07 PM
It can be really hard. Now that you have a diagnosis though you can find things to do that might help. It helped me a lot to know that there was a real "reason" for many of my problems (not all! but many) and to find other people who had experiences like mine.

Having a personality disorder is some heavy stuff but there are ways that we can cope and make our lives easier and less painful or scary.

edit: I notice that you're pretty young too. That's good, you have time to figure this stuff out before it messes up more of your life. I was diagnosed when I was 35, so I wasted a lot more time in pain and angry, before I was able to figure anything out.

05-19-09, 03:53 PM
It's messed up my life I doubt it can mess it up anymore than it already has
It just continues to

I hate this

05-26-09, 10:02 PM
I know, I know. Things can seem very bleak sometimes. I'm in a low spot too, I've been here before it passes and things can be ok for a while, knowing that helps a little

just get through it, if youre getting help youre ahead of the game

05-27-09, 05:10 PM
Have you done DBT?

hi! my doc told me about this but I haven't been able to find an ADD friendly page. Does anyone know of a good website for info on DBT?

07-12-09, 01:05 AM
^^ can you post your own thread.

and im not getting any help.
havent for a year and a half.
been seeing mental health professionals since i was 7 and theyre all useless and either walk away / give up or they present as unhelpful and i give up on the idea of them even helping me.

im seeing apsych on 29th but seen her before and shes useless. so dunno.:l oh well.

im in a crap place right now.
so much crap going on.
rather fade away into my oh so lovely addictions.

07-12-09, 10:32 AM
My apologies.

I've read mental health professionals don't altogether enjoy getting a borderline patient as we are the most demanding and difficult among mental illness.

I for one agree. I am the most difficult, emotionally unstable person I know but I try to stay positive that there is a way to get better, a way to learn to cope.

Chin up, one foot in front of the other is all we can do, both physically and mentally. Have faith that the doc you are seeing now will see you through.

07-12-09, 11:56 AM
I don't agree on that. There are many other illnesses that are just as, even more so, severe.