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05-20-09, 01:20 PM
Hi everyone! My name is Amy & I have a 6 (almost 7) year old son whos name is Logan. He was DX with ADHD last November & has been on Concerta 18mg with good results. I say good results only on the input of his teacher because Logan only takes 1 pill in the morning so by the time he is home the medication has worn off. His teacher says she thinks it takes enough of the "edge" off so that he is able to concentrate a little better & when it was time for his check up I asked her & she said she did not think we should increase or change the medication. My question is, should I continue to give it to him throughout the summer? There really is no behavior issue that we were looking to help him with, it was mainly just a concentration issue. On the advice of his pediatrician, I did not give him the medication during spring break & every single day he wet his pants. I asked him why & he said that he couldnt make it to the bathroom in time. When he is on the medication, he does not do this. That is the only difference I noticed with not giving him the medicine for the week of spring break. I spoke with his pediatrician about this & he said that he believes the accidents were due to him not taking the medication. My concern is, this will pass right? I dont really want to give him the medicine during the summer but at the same time I dont want him to have accidents every day is embarrasing for him & creates a ton of laundry!! Just wondering if anyone has any ideas/thoughts/advice regarding this. Thanks in advance!

05-20-09, 03:27 PM
It is good that you are talking to his doctor about this. Another thing that the medicine helps with is social issues. ADHD kids often have trouble making/keeping friends because their impulsiveness causes problems when they are around their friends. The pant wetting probably comes because his mind is going so fast he forgets about going potty. Some people do medication "holidays" during the summer and/or during weekends. It is a personal decision.

05-20-09, 04:05 PM
I didnt really think about the social part of this. Logan has never really had a problem making/keeping friends although he is pretty young I think for that. I will talk to his pediatrician again & just see if he has a preference either way. Thanks for the response MGDAD!