View Full Version : So what do you all aspire to be?

05-21-09, 12:34 AM
I was considering going into the technology field up until earlier this year (in 10th grade currently), after I realized considering the aspects in technology that I'm good at and interested in does not have many good jobs. So I thought. And now I've decided that I would like to go into psychiatry. I like psychology and furthermore get huge satisfaction from helping people, especially those who are depressed and such. However, I am also interested in the pharmaceutical aspect of it, and since a psychologist cannot prescribe medicine, that leaves psychiatry.

So what about you guys? What do you aspire to be?

06-09-09, 01:39 PM
I used to consider going into something psychology based until about a year ago, but as i've got older (18 this month) i realized i really don't have the patience sometimes to listen to peoples crap. Don't get me wrong i always am there for a friend in need, but for people that I'm not really close to its just like... "here we go again..."

Saying that I'm taking AP Psycology next year, but that is more because it interests me rather than using it for an actual job some day.

I haven't left school yet, but i have no idea what i want to do, at all, not even a teeny weeny idea, but if you feel that's what you want to do, pursue it! I wish i knew what i wanted to do... :[

Just out of curiosity, what aspects of technology are you interested in?