View Full Version : Interesting Article about differentiating ADHD, GAD, and Bipolar

05-21-09, 11:47 AM
This is a quote from the article. I found it interesting how he differetiated specific behaviors found in all three conditions.

Do temper tantrums express bipolar disorder, ADHD, or GAD?

Children with bipolar disorder have rages, which are so intense that they cannot control themselves; children with ADHD and GAD have temper tantrums or meltdowns, the latter being when children are very angry and throw temper fits.

Children with ADHD and GAD generally experience meltdowns from frustration or high anxiety. They scream, cry, rant, throw themselves around, threaten, curse, and throw objects. However, you can talk to them and get through to them. They have some control over the reaction, as their “thinking brains” are still somewhat in charge. This is not the case in a bipolar rage where the child loses control. In fact, a child in the midst of a rage related to bipolar disorder does not respond to direction.

05-24-09, 02:01 AM
Interesting artical MGDAD. I have been wondering about the outbrusts we're experiencing at home.

It makes me wonder if the characteristics of Bipolar had changed from my psychology college course 20 years ago. I remember the dx being significantly different from manic to depressive that it was quite obvious in the videos of dx adults we viewed. Then there is the dilema of having characteristics that seem to fit across the board.

I found it interesting the author wrote about ADHD/GAD "They can be talk to them and get through to them" vs Bipolar "does not respond to direction".

Thinking about my son it would seem the teen hormones has made the bipolar description fit than the +GAD. However, he has always seemed this way since birth... oversensitive and over some sort of threshold where he can't calm himself down.

thank you for sharing the site.