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05-22-09, 01:27 AM
So I just recently was diagnosed ADHD and prescribed adderall. It has been a godsend for me, and helps me focus a lot but does nothing for motivation or energy. I am constantly tired, and have never been tested for fibromyalgia, I'm only 25.

My mother was just recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, although never tested for ADHD. She is on tramadol, and feels a great sense of calm and motivation and no pain. Hearing how she feels on it, is very similar to the first time I took adderall.

However, we both have been diagnosed with anxiety. She also takes lexapro and some other drug for fibromyalgia as well. I do not take any anti depressants, although I was prescribed prozac for PMDD on a trial basis.

It is strange to me when she describes her effects of the tramadol, because benefits and side effects seem very similar to adderall. I'm worried that maybe I have fibromyalgia or could possibly get it myself, or that maybe I am mistaking my ADHD for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia... or vise versa?

They both seem to overlap so much mentally, how do you distinguish the two? I am sore often also, but not the point where I will complain about it , and pushing on the trigger points hurts a little like a sore muscle but nothing more than that.

I feel like I am trying so hard to pull my life together and get motivated but its so difficult. My sleep schedule and moods are so all over the place, meds or not. I've been on 6 antidepressants in the past, none of which worked. Adderall has been the only thing that has worked for me yet. I wish I could just figure myself out.

Any insight would be appreciated to those who have gone through a similar experience....

06-11-09, 10:36 PM

I was just surfing the forums for posts and articles on ADD & Fibromyalgia and I just read your post. It seems we are in similar situations.

Let me tell you a bit about me -

At the age of 26 I was diagnosed with ADD. :( I took 20mg STRATTERRA for 2 years and was at the prime of my life :) during that time until I started to have SLURRED SPEECH and instances of depression and brain fogginess and STIFFNESS IN MY JOINTS. I then went off of the medication and felt free like I could write again with ease! I was loving life but not for long.

I became overwhelmed with the symptoms of ADD last year and decided to go back on Stratterra but with a plan! :cool:

I read an article on the FORUMS by a guy who felt he had found a way to prolong the positive effects of Stratterra by taking a drug holiday every year for one or 2 months at a time. I have been on Stratterra for 3 months now with very positive effects.

I DO have side effects like nausea, slightly flat affect, joint stiffness - (yes I feel that even now and do not feel it at all when not on meds), & chronic fatigue. Even though I am in my early thirties, I suspect the chronic fatigue might be new and related to a reduction in my sex hormone levels?? So I am considering going on Ritalin to take care of some of the low energy periods.

Just like you my mom has fibromyalgia. She also has depression and chronic fatigue. I also notice others in my family on my mom's side of the family with different manifestations of what I consider an odd mood/joint/hormone/endrocrine disease. Most of the men were alcoholics and suffered from depression. Some have irritable bowel, depression, add, fibromyalgia, bipolar.

My mom and I actually see the same doctor & I just had a conversation with her. She sees so many patients with ADD and Fibromyalgia and tries so hard to help them but even she admits that it is all a guessing game.

You have to experiment until you find the right mix of meds.

Our wish is that someday we can actually view electrical activity in our body at the hormonal and chemical level so that we can pinpoint exactly where and what chemicals (ie dopamine, seratonin) we lack at a given time.

Anyway, please drop me a line anytime.

As there is no cure - YET - for Chronic Fatigue, ADD or Fibromyalgia, I think it is great that we can connect with each other on the forums.

Also, try googling this book - while the treatments are very outdated and not so safe, his research and theories about the connection between the three disorders makes a lot of sense.

Book Summary by Dr J A Skerkey - Betrayal By The Brain

Some other random things while on Stratterra:

I feel very recharged when I spend an active day in the day in the sun.

I am better at in the flow short term memory, multitasking.

I am a horrible writer when on Stratterra.

I can read a book and retain information I have read.

I have higher blood pressure and a quick fuse, but am able to think things through without being outwardly reactive.

I am more of a morning person when on Stratterra.