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04-10-03, 02:34 PM
Written in 1998 by Dr. Paul H. Wender. You will refer to this book as a gold-standard in analyzing ADHD for adults. Wender is the guru of our disorder from wayyyy back into the 1970's, before it was even recognized as continuing into the adult ages. His catagorizing of the Utah Criteria for ADHD sets the parameters for being able to diagnose the grown-up. He also wrote books dealing with children of ADHD. His writting style is a little more technical than some ADD'ers can relate to, but hey, he's a doctor.

04-10-03, 03:49 PM
I ordered this book after finding out that Dr wender had a practice in my area. I thought I would read his book before seeking treatment from him. The book was full of quite a bit of medical and technical info. I found it a bit too dry for my taste and I don't think that he wrote to book for ADDults to actually read . I am aware that he is a Dr but so are DR Hallowell and Dr Amen and their books were both ADD Friendly. I was also very disappointed that his book didn't really address ADD with out hyperactivty.

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04-10-03, 04:28 PM
Hi Tara, thanks for that linky to the Amazon site. Good to know a purchase will get funds to this site.

Just a quick question, you said Wender practiced near you and maybe wanted to go see him. Did it ever occur? Interesting to see how easy/hard it would be to relate to the guy.

04-12-03, 03:30 PM
Actually when I called and emailed asking if he had any experience treating Women or people with out hyperactivity I never got a response back.