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05-23-09, 12:41 PM
Hi Everyone, I just wanted to log in because three months ago I was totally in the grief stage. My heart broke for my 11 year old daughter and I felt like my husband and I may be losing all our dreams for her: does she have an LD issue too, will she go on to university? Did I do something wrong during pregnancy? You know the're kind of floundering in the dark, blaming yourself, and wondering how you're going to deal with this curve ball.

Then I started to put it in perspective: ADHD is not uncommon, some of the most brilliant and creative people have it (Richard Branson) and let's face it: This is not cancer, this is not a terminal illness, and frankly there was just no time for a pity party. I just really felt that time was of the essence and I wanted to help my child immediately.

I started to amass as much information as possible. Best doctor in the area, etc. By coincidence (or are these things really coincidence) my daughter's teacher has Adult ADD so she was a wonderful support for both my daughter and me as we made our way into the world of Connors and Inattentive ADD. I visited the Science Daily Journal online for the most relevant up to date scientific info, and Dr. Amen's website where he dedicates an entire section to ADHD.

And there was a sense of relief: A "now I get it" Yes, I had thought (gulp) she was lazy. Even though she was doing well in school, her work was sloppy, disorganized, and multiplication tables; forgettaaboutit! Spelling, also not great. She would do well on the spelling tests and then go back to poor spelling in her written work. The teachers never said anything. I guess because there was no hyperactivity element involved and, as is typical in Inattentive ADD, if it was a subject area my daugher liked (i.e. it stimulated that prefrontal cortex) she was motivated and gave 110 percent. But I knew something wasn't right. And shortly thereafter, the diagnosis came.

What I want to say to everyone out there: It gets better. You have a lot to look forward to as you help your child with ADHD. Just be patient as you tweak the medication. In our case, Concerta did not work as well as Vyvanse. (We're on 20 mg.) And the time release Ritalin was a disaster. But if the teachers are on board, they can be part of your "team." And you will find relief, stability and yes, happiness.

In the space of three months, my daughter's self esteem has increased ten-fold. Where she was getting Cs and Bs before in school, she is now getting straight As. We're receiving comments from the teachers such as "exceeding grade level expectations." And she beat the math whiz kid on a recent test. Yippee!

This may not happen in all cases, but at the very least you can be guaranteed that your child will be a better focused and more productive student once you find a treatment that you and your physician deem best. Also, I knew that even if my daughter turned out to be an average student that was good enough. She has other gifts, and so do all of our kids diagnosed with ADHD. How could they not? That prefrontal cortex has been drowsy for so long that ultimately the rest of the brain has been forced to overcompensate for inactivity there and is heightened and rarin' to go!

I can hardly wait to see what all of our kids do with those magnificent brains of theirs!

Sending you much love and light as you take this journey with your child. We're the lucky ones. We have the diagnosis. We can treat it. There are many kids out there who are not so fortunate.
Big hug to all fellow ADHD parents, Kim

05-23-09, 12:58 PM

These are the kind of stories we need here to give hope to parents who are beginning the long struggle to help their children.

I have suggested many times that the best tool is a stubborn, committed parent who will not quit until help for their child is found.

I applaud you and your efforts. I especially applaud your sharing your journey.

Reach over your shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back, you have earned it.


05-23-09, 08:32 PM
thank you forgiving me some hope. we are getting my son tested for ADHD on the 29th butt i really feel in my heart that he has it. its nice to hear there is light at the end of the tunel