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05-29-09, 11:33 AM
Here you go guys.

I'll start with a very pitiful report...Friday the 22nd, I walked 3 miles and Sunday the 24th about 30 minutes, no idea how far. And I haven't done another thing all week.:(

05-29-09, 11:46 AM
I,ve done the same thing really recently had the blisters to prove it:)did,nt know where i was were i was going ect.....but i felt better after it!
Don,t completely understand it though
I,m going to take a guess but its prob because we have not done anything all week we done it or thats the reason i did(lots on the mind and need change even though its scary?)

05-29-09, 02:56 PM
Still doin' the same... In fact I'm getting a little bored with how easy it has become:eek:! Yah, right! I'm actually beginning to hit a wall. I do the walking part ok, but getting into running... All the spruce trees around the lake and in my back yard are dusting the whole world with pollen. It feels like the inside of my nose is sunburned! And then the rain, wind, and not being able to get out on the water yet...

(Confidential to Dorie: Yes! That's it!)

05-29-09, 06:15 PM
ok I did some stretching exercises twice! yay that counts, I say.
(plus 30 min at least of walking every day, we don't have a car).


05-29-09, 07:28 PM
Hey Stef, I think you have to have pictures online before you can post them here. Just upload that picture to your gallery and then copy the URL address into the picture insert thingy and it should work.

05-29-09, 08:52 PM
Oops! Nobody moderating there at the Gallery! No photos yet.

05-29-09, 09:01 PM
Oops! Nobody moderating there at the Gallery! No photos yet.

05-29-09, 09:28 PM
That's the message I got! And of course I could not have made a mistake! (I'm trying to downorupload pics of the place where I exercise. I went to the gallery to upload there to link it from here.)

05-30-09, 03:25 AM
ok so copy/paste doesn't work for the photos...

05-30-09, 01:02 PM
Ok kids. I went to my albums, clicked where it said to upload, browsed, chose this and clicked upload pictures. It uploaded, I saved where prompted, then opened the picture, right clicked and chose copy image location. Then I came here, clicked on the picture thingy and pasted my image location then clicked ok and voila, here it is...maybe the picture stuff was down for a while? Anyhow, I do believe it's Caturday, so enjoy!

One of my favorite websites is ( Love love love the LOLCats!
Here's another that totally suits our group here.:p

Ok, back to my regularly scheduled paint-prepping.

05-30-09, 08:39 PM (

Ok, this is a start! I walk and run around this lake with my wife. Of course I played hooky today - stormy! (Gotta work on the pic size.)

"...maybe the picture stuff was down for a while?" Nope. Wasn't payin' attention!

05-30-09, 08:47 PM

That's better! 'Course now everything's green (old photo)... Killer view from the top too...

05-31-09, 09:26 AM
Wow! Nice place to exercise.

05-31-09, 09:54 AM
On Fri. I went to the first time going there since last Fri. now that it's summer, I feel like I really need to find the time to get to the gym more often