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06-01-09, 10:57 AM
I was recently diagnosed as ad/hd-I, I have had touch, and sound issues my entire life (at least as far back as I remember) I HATE to have my back and ears touched at all, as well as the sides of my arms and a few other areas, I find myself snapping at my 3 year old son (suspected ADHD possibly with sensory problems as well) who is just asking for some attention. I feel horrible that I have to force myself to be able to recieve hugs and any touch from my son WHO REALLY needs it!!

I grew up with two younger brothers one of them was diagnosed as AD/HD (hyperactive) in kindergarden. My parents refused to medicate (I don't think they "believe" that AD/HD is real) my brother has had a lot of rough times because of it. Also because I watched him suffer with this untreated, when my dr told me I had it I laughed it off (I do NOT have ad/hd!) lol after starting college classes and a near complete shutdown (your basic zombie like state) I finally decided to take my dr seriously! I started vyvanse 30mg in the morning, would last for 2 hours then nothing, so switched to 60mg, which worked great for about a week, then back to 2 hrs, now nothing.

excessive lights and noise shut me down, I believe now this is what caused a lot of my problems holding a job (out of a good dozen jobs between 16 and 19 only 2 of them lasted as long as 6 months) I assumed it was anxiety, and that was not far off the mark, I now think that the overload on my senses caused panic and anxiety attacks.

Anyone find anything at all that works to control this???

06-02-09, 12:04 PM
:)hi melby1980 and welcome aboard from another new englander:)