View Full Version : Hi I'm new to here ...

06-01-09, 09:08 PM
Yeah Hi :)

I basically just want to chat with other people abit like myself (like TS, ADD and all the other crap that comes with!!)

I'm just at uni now, and have lots of friends etc, but just want to chat with people who will make me feel normal(er) (and my mum would so tell me off right now for saying normal . . .)!!

Is anyone else here at uni or college studying? How are you finding it and do you get any help or special needs stuff?!

well, if you fancy giving me a PM or just replying on here that'd be lovely :)


btw: I don't really take my TS or ADD that seriously, like it annoys me when people are all like serious about it and talk about the brain and meds and I know how it gets people down, but I remember the amazing highs from it too!!