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06-03-09, 01:50 PM
Our son was recently diagnosed with slight ADHD this year. He has always been active and disorderly so we had an idea. He has always done well in school until 6th grade when he hit a wall in math and science.
He is 12 yr old, 5í7Ē and 135 lbs so he is a big 6th grader. His Doctor - Neurologist after our first and only visit prescribed 20 mg of Vyvanse. The meds seem to last into the night.. or until we eat our second dinner at 7:30pm. He takes meds Mon-Fri. We make sure to give him a good breakfast and lunch with protein bars.
Started meds last wk. He has stated that the med seemed to help him concentrate but he has complaints of dizziness. The Doctor has responded for him to continue taking the meds for another week. I have given him some protein bars and he does eat them when possible to help, it seems to help the dizzy spell. He hasnít fallen but after school he still says he is dizzy and he is going to lacrosse practice in the evening Ėstill complaining of dizziness.. almost seems dangerous. Though he did well last night and the coaches didnít focus on him (he was running with his head down and that just started all the attention which he doesnít need). Actually at the end of the school day he just wants to stay home and watch tv :confused:
Is the dizziness to go away? He seems to feel a benefit from the meds but should we look at another med. (we are to continue same for now)? Is this a dizziness or a headache that he may be experiencing or even something else?

06-06-09, 07:49 AM
does he drink lots of water?

06-08-09, 10:29 AM
Hi Johhny,

Yes he does drink a LOT of water. He doesnít like soda or juice so in the mourning its water. I think this is good for the meds but ... I was thinking of having him drink a little juice to lessen the med effect.

I spoke to him the other day Fri. and got to ask him what is dizzy? he said he gets dizzy or weak whenever he sits for a time or when he gets to his locker, his locker is on the ground so he bends over.

We had him take the meds for 2 wks and today we stopped (Monday). Its late in the school year to start trying different meds. for the teachers to analyze (school tests are done and it 1/2 days) Doctor stated we would try a different med (my wife spoke to him and stated it would be from another drug family?). We were to only give him meds during school days so he hasnít had them since last Friday. hope there is no withdrawal but he was only on it for 2-wks, but he was relieved to not take the med.

I guess we may start up sometime into next school year, same doctor we do like him but probably diff med.