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06-05-09, 10:25 AM
My 8yro daughter started this med in Feb. She came to ME complaining of not being able to focus, concentrate in school. I noticed it mainly when she would try reading to me & would skip/add words, & couldnt comprehend her book. She also was having troubles in math.

Her dr started her on Focalin xl 5 for 2 weeks. She had the usual side effects - moodiness being the biggest. The doctor & pharmacist told me to stick with it for 2 weeks. It was amazing how on the 14th day - everything became 'normal'. Unbelievable. The dr increased her to 10mg after the initial 2 weeks. Not a big transition from 5 to 10mg.
She's been on 10mg for 4 months. -EVERYTHING- has improved (in home and school).

PRO's - improved handwriting, understanding her math concepts, reading 3 to 4 chapter books a WEEK (Junie B Jones series, A-Z mysteries, etc), communication skills are MUCH better (she doesnt talk 90 miles an hour, only 45 mph now!) She's still her active, chipper, talkative, aggravating her 2 brothers - self! We havent seen any change in personality... neither has her teachers, grandparents.
She's basically the same, just a tad bit toned down.

CON's - she's a little more emotional then before (cries easier), decreased appetite, mild headaches, stomach upset

We've said this before (amongst teachers/family/friends) that she could be a poster child for this medication.

Question: things are going SO well, but Im debating on whether we should decrease to 5mg or stop, during the summer break.
I dont want her to build up a tolerance.

any input?

(please excuse the misspelled words)

06-05-09, 11:45 AM
This in my humble opinion you should discuss with her doctor..

You would have to know she will return to her old feelings very quickly. I imagine this could be very confusing to her. If her doctor does encourage you to give her some time off be sure to note any emotional changes she may experience...
If your eight year old daughter was able to communicate to you so clearly how she felt before medication hopefully she would also be able to communicate the difference when she is off of it.. good luck


06-09-09, 10:32 PM
Although 16 and not 8, my daughter, too, had stomach pains. We thought it was the medicine--well, it wasn't. It was the hunger pains from NOT eating.

My daughter also responds well to Focalin, she takes 10 mg (she's super sensitive to meds) and hse weighs 110 pounds.

In school she was on it full-time, now what I am doing is giving her half-doses (splitting tablets) and sometimes I just give her one dose of full-strength. She does become somewhat moody and confrontational when she is not on her meds but with less stress from school, it is tolerable.