View Full Version : my 11 year old daughters behaviour

06-08-09, 05:29 PM
is becoming more of a problem each day. she is in the 1st year of secondary school, here she doesnt lash out or use violence. she does have problems concentrating in lessons, completing work in class & major problems doing homework & handing it in. at home she is a lot worse then what she is at school. she is only happy when she has upset or fighting. shes starting to cause physical damage to the family home. my daughter is violent towards my older daughter & myself. she torments her younger sister. my daughter has displayed behavioral problems since she was a toddler. we have had appointments with child & family therapists on a few occasions & my daughter has just finished creative art therapy sessions. the child & family therapist she is currently seeing believes my daughter is merely an angry child & will not assess her for adhd. its at the point now where she is tearing the family apart & we cant bear to be around her. are there any other avenues i can try? :(

06-08-09, 06:55 PM
I strongly recommend you seek out a specialist, many Dr's and therapists are reluctant to diagnose adhd.