View Full Version : Tried many meds need HELP

06-11-09, 01:25 PM

I am fairly new here. I have tried many medications in the past 4 months. I have tried Dexedrine, Wellbutrin (not for me), Concerta 36mg, Adderall XR, Strattera (also not for me as it is similar made as Wellbutrin) and Cipralex (i can't take it because it makes my pulse go way too high but it did help me think before i say something and understand social ques better). My doctor who is one of the two here in the city who understands ADD has basically given me every medication to try like an experiment. Dexedrine 5mg 3 times a day was not good i would feel when it would finish and my mood would change. With all the medications my pulse goes very high and my blood pressure I am between 25-30 years old. I start breathing very fast or just can't function because my head kills. Wellbutrin made me be like a beast not notice anyone and be mad it was horrible. Some of these meds are better than others but for a short time. I can handle Adderall because I don't take the full dose I take about 15-20 mg a day in the morning but it doesn't help at all for social stuff and I constantly argue and its hard to get a plain 'yes ok' answer. I don't know what to do. I have two children and find myself getting mad at them too much and screaming at them or shutting them up because i don't have the patients to listen. I think my older one has ADD too she is almost 6 but i see the symptoms of constantly jumping around, talking a lot. I hope its just the age and she doesn't have it.
Basically I would love to know what besides Wellbutrin worked for you for social skills and how to deal with raised heart rate/blood pressure besides taking vallerian which is what i have been doing now. Also for those in Toronto is there a behaivioural therapist that helps people with ADD?
Thank you.