View Full Version : Ultram and Amphetamines?

04-25-04, 06:34 PM
Does anyone know if Ultram can be used for pain if you are regularly using a Amphetamines for ADHD?

I also suffer from "fibro" and facets syndrome and my doctor prescribed to me Ultram. I was taking Lortab but I recently stopped for fear of addiction and side effects. In some ways I feel that the Ultram works better for the pain with less groggy effects. It is also easier on the constipation and the pain releif lasts longer. With the Lortab, I had to take 4x's a day and the releif faded with time.
A warning to abusers... Ultram does have risks of seizure if abused.

One doctor prescribed to me pain killers, antidepressants, sleeping pills and muscle relaxers and I refused to take all those. I took the minimal amount of lortab. I like my liver and I am way too young for all those pills... Heck I could never remeber to take all those pills anyway.

I will say pain management works best for me in a combination of support, physical therapy, medication and diet. My best pain relief is a combo of massage therapy, Ultram and joint decompression. Talk about paradise from pain.

How is "fibro" related to ADHD?