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06-13-09, 01:42 AM
I am writing this to explain my experiences and storys of clonodine. If i rember correctly i was prescribed it when i was 5 or 6 but deffienently around that age. I do have adhd and from what i remember it was for my hypherness. He had me take it before bed and i would be knocked out within 30 minutes to a hour. Back then i think it was a 0.1 mg doesage. I will never rember the time they had me take it before school and i got kicked out of class for sleeping and litterly slept in the princibles office on his little couch. Ive been taking it for atleast half my life. im 15 now. And am finnaly being weened off it. Somewhere around 10 years olf i got bumbed up to two 0,1 pills which eventually turned into a convenient 0.2 pill. from then on i have been taking that before bed and getting tired atleast a 30 to a hour after the ingesting of it. It has never worn off its not a tolerence that ive built up at all. It has never been a different reaction. its always been the same. I am at this moment back on 0.1 and it still works like a 0.2 but not a fast. i am going on dexadrine. My stepmom has add and told me all the things she experianced with it like hypherness and wide open eyes. And today was the first day i took it . i noticed nothing different at all it was a normal day. i told my girlfriend if i acted different tell em and she didnt say a word. I myself belive that im fine without dexadrine. I do have a short attention span for things that bore me quick. but when im in school alot of the subkect except math intrest me. i can sit in math and be off in space. i have had to teach myself the lession later when im not in class cause i didnt pay attention one bit.

but i came her outta curosity and read all the hopings for the sleep to go away. For me that hasnt gone away its still as stron as the first night i took it. I do not have problems waking up in themorning unless i take it at 4 o clock in the mornign and waking up at 6 am then its still in your system your gonna be tired anyway

thank for reading this if you did and excuse me for the typos and rambling it's 1:40 and im tired but intrested by this forum