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04-24-04, 10:00 PM
Hi I am in Arlington... looking for some support. I dont know where to start.:(

04-26-04, 08:32 PM
Does anyone have a good referal to give out on their Doctor in the DFW area. I have called a few that my insurance said would be covered they say they do not treat Adult ADHD! One even said that Adult ADHD does not exist! Unbelievable!
Is finding a specialist impossible?

04-28-04, 03:52 PM
There is an Adult ADHD specialist whom a friend of mine used to see when he lived up there. However, he does not take insurance...I think the reason had something to do with all those "insurance takers" having to make their patients wait forever to get an initial eval. Or I could possibly be making up that reason in my detached little universe.... ;)

Please let me know if you'd like me to get more information on this doc. I'd be happy to help out!

You also might want to contact the ADDA ADDult Support Group leader up there...

Dallas ADD Adults
Meets 2nd & 4th Thursday 7:00-9:00
Presbyterian Hospital Southeast Conference Room
8200 Walnut Hill Lane Dallas

Main Hospital Building
Turn left at the elevators
Pass cafeteria and double doors
Turn right at the hallway
SE Conference Room is on the left the door is open

*Parking validation stickers are available for $1 at most meetings



04-28-04, 05:42 PM
I got lucky an found a good doctor in Arlington - he even takes my insurance! He was really willing to listen and very informative on his Diagnoses which was ADHD combined. I joined Chadd also but Dallas is an hour drive for me. Thanks for all your input! You all are the greatest around here!

04-29-04, 12:06 PM
Woo Hoo! I'm so pleased you've got your answers! :cool:



06-09-04, 03:47 PM
Looks like you found someone who will help you out. I also can recommend my psychiatrist as someone who is well-versed in ADD for adults. Her name is Dr. Elizabeth John and her office is in Bedord, TX near 121/183 split. Office phone is 817-545-8895.

06-30-04, 05:10 AM
Hey akiss4u, what doctor did you see in arlington? I'm seeing one in two days in Irving for the first time and I'm really nervous!!

What meds are you taking?

03-09-06, 10:27 AM
I can recommend a great thearapist in Grapevine....really wonderful lady (ADDer too) who has helped my immensely. Send me private message and I'll give you the name.

07-18-06, 03:27 PM
I know this thread is old, but can you tell me which doctor you saw? I need to see someone, preferably accepted by my insurance. Thanks!

07-18-06, 03:28 PM
Which doctor did you see in Irving? Like I said previously, I need to find a professional. Thanks!


01-30-07, 07:57 AM
I am also in the Arlington/Grand Prairie area.

I am positive I have ADD and looking for someone reputable to diagnose me to reconfirm this near or around the area.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.


02-04-07, 10:54 PM
Please PM me if you need to know where I go! :)

02-04-07, 11:06 PM
Thanks LittlePrincess, PM sent.

08-15-07, 12:51 AM
Anyone else in or near the Arlington area with other recommendations?

08-12-08, 05:13 PM
Dr. Grant and Fisher

12-24-10, 09:55 PM
I'm new to the area & also looking for a doctor in DFW, preferably a primary doc that's knowledgeable about adult ADD . I see this thread is old, any suggestions?