View Full Version : Friday 6/19/09 GFC Results Thread

06-18-09, 07:04 PM
Not the best of weeks...

Saturday I weedeated for 5 hours and it just about did me in for 3 days!
Tuesday I walked for a little over 3.5 miles
This morning I walked for about 3 miles

The good news is that I finally figured out a 3 mile route to use with my Couch to 5k so I can build up to the 5k eventually.

Happy reporting.

06-20-09, 08:27 AM
I went to the gym Mon., Weds., and Thurs., of this week...went on the EA Sports Active on Mon., Tues., Thurs., was going to go on it last night but I had a migraine so I just slept the entire afternoon so maybe I should go on today even though it's suppose to be a rest day...

06-20-09, 11:26 AM
Sorry 'bout your migraine. Those suck raw rotten eggs!

06-20-09, 01:35 PM
Sorry 'bout your migraine. Those suck raw rotten eggs!

Yea I know...they do suck...but the good thing is I got lots of sleep I think...Yesterday 12PM-3PM; 4PM -7PM; 9:30PM-8AM

06-20-09, 02:53 PM
Walked four days, and did weights two days. So much better than the last three weeks or so. Progress not perfection I keep telling myself. :)

Ohh, migraines are heinous! Maybe taking a rest day isn't a bad idea?