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06-20-09, 02:49 AM

I'm new

My parents say I've had a little tic-like cough, with a little bit of tic-like grunting and throat clearing since I was maybe ten. I'm 21 now. These problems are not getting any worse, maybe slightly better. I have a bit of OCD, which normally doesn't seem so bad, and I've always had some ADHD characteristics.

For several months, I've been going nuts with a somewhat unusual symptom. I don't remember the onset, but I think it was pretty sudden. I've been thinking it's OCD, but maybe it's more like Tourette's. I want to know if anyone else gets anything like this, and if subscribers think it's characteristic of Tourette's.

It's my teeth, particularly my four back teeth, but sometimes other teeth as well. I get a funny feeling of discomfort, maybe like a sense of pressure on them, but not painful. I can't really describe it. I start wondering if they are damaged, or decayed, or something. I want to touch them with my tongue, to "check" them to see if they are okay. Or I want to reach in with my fingers to "check" them by feeling them, or pull them or twist them with my fingers. If I do it, I feel relief briefly, but only very briefly, like for a moment. Sometimes, it seems like this is all I do, all day every day -- feeling bothered distracted, or checking, or thinking about checking, or trying not to check.

If I'm in class and I can't reach inside my mouth, because it looks bad, I can hold off for awhile, but I get increasingly uncomfortable. On the other hand, I don't get much relief when I am finally free to touch, poke, feel with my tongue, etc.

High stress makes it worse, and tedious demanding mental activity makes it worser. I am less symptomatic when I just hang out socially and relax and don't worry about anything.

Any comments or suggestions?

I don't want to get all pitiable, but the fact is, I've been quite miserable. Normally, I'm a good student, but last semester I got really bad grades because I was so distracted. I'm soooo frustrated! I want to move on with my life, but this takes all my energy. I'm forgetful and can't concentrate. I can't even read a good book any more. I used to be a big reader. I've never been like this before.

I'm trying to do cognitive-behavioral self-help, like in a self-help book for OCD, but so far, I'm not getting any relief. My psychiatrist wants to start me on Luvox, on the assumption that it's OCD. But if it's Tourette's, it won't help, right?



06-22-09, 05:55 AM
that sounds like a very OCD reaction to a motor tic. You have described both as being very textbook. When it comes to labeling it you have said to have a vocal tic and to have had it for years, and the definition of tourettes syndrom is somewhat an issue of debate being that some say that multiple motor and at least 1 vocal tics are present at any given point of the "illness" whereas some say just a minimum of 1 of each type, and some even say that chronic vocal or motor tics should just be called tourettes. The good thing to know is that the label doesn't effect treatment if it is that bad. Furthermore, chances are that it will quit on it's own in the, probable, near future.

07-08-09, 11:06 PM
Sounds like life in my head WAR!