View Full Version : Topamax - to titrate or not to titrate?

06-22-09, 12:40 AM
I have well controlled epilepsy, ADHD (inattentive), and type II bipolar disorder (I have been diagnosed at least, I think it may just be depression). I've already been taken Lamitcal for Epilepsy for 4+ year and Vyvanse for ADHD for 3 or so months and now I have now been prescribed Topamax for the bipolar. My psychiatrist wasn't thrilled about giving me Topamax because of the cognitive side effects, but my neurologist left him with no choice so he said try 100mg.

Since on saw my psychiatrist on Friday I've done some reading on the cognitive side effects of Topamax and some places it seems to say the best way to avoid them is to titrate slowly while others seem to say not to titrate at all. Can someone clear this up?


I guess I should add that I already have some memory problems. I've sorta come to accept that it is part of having epilepsy, learned to live with it, and holding out hope for Namenda, an Alzheimer's drug which is investigated as a treatment for memory issues and epilepsy with a lot of promise. More recently I've been told the Lamitcal could be causing this, but I doubt it because there have been times where I've stoped taking the Lamitcal for a while and the memory issues haven't gone away.