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06-22-09, 03:37 PM
Most of my symptoms only give me problems at work, fog , ruminating , hyperfocus. I'm going to change all of that. What is the safest and most effective generalized anxiety -anti-depressant that goes with adhd. I'm sick of posting and checking these forums. I tried lexapro for one day but felt weird the next day, or maybe it was the day I didn't take it ..... That could have been the issue. I tried pristiq and it really helped me focus at work but I felt kind of crazy , ... I'm sticking with one, which one will not sedate the crap out of me and not poison my system in the process. I'm done reading about withdrawals, if I stop , well I stop and I have a week or two of crap. What works well with adhd.

06-25-09, 03:36 AM
Not many people are going to like this suggestion, but according to my doc and my experience, it works best.... a benzo.

If you're trying SSRIs you have to give them more than a day or 2. Usually a couple weeks will reveal any anxiolytic effect...if it even provides one for you. Those 2 weeks suck. Then, after finding out it doesn't work for you, the following 2 weeks of getting off it know the drill.

Your doc may be reluctant to prescribe a small dose of Klonopin or Xanax for GAD. They don't possess any anti-depressant qualities but if they are going to get rid of your anxiety they will do it and they will do it from day one. Side effects are minimal (sedation, slight impairment), but starting small and giving them time will eliminate those sides. Only the anxiolytic effects will remain. You won't be constantly sedated, gain weight, or have other persisitent sides that SSRIs cause.

Usually benzos are prescribed for people w/ severe anxiety, so your chances may not be good...and you may be against the idea to start with. But if you've been through alot of SSRIs and SNRIs & they don't work for you, consider asking about it. Also consider that they have the potential to be abused by addictive personalities, and coming off them suddenly can be horrific.

I take Dexedrine and Xanax XR. Pretty good results for me. Contrary to what alot of benzophobes say, this class of meds do not turn you into a zombie, do not cause memory loss, and do not automatically "addict" you if you are a responsible user...They are powerful and must be respected, but the user must be disciplined as well.

I don't know your current meds, but I assume you are on a stimulant for ADHD. I have had good results w/ the above combo, but I also have panic disorder. Trazodone may give you just the right amount of serotonin to stop the ruminating & hyperfocus. It's taken at bedtime and you sleep on it...well. It's not as "intrusive" as an SSRI and generally does not share the same side effects. Check it out and start small if your doc approves.

I don't suggest benzos as a "first line" treatment for anxiety. But it sounds like you've tried alot of the common first liners (much like I did) and they just aren't worth the side effects. My .02 & what works for me.

06-25-09, 01:50 PM
its cool muldoon, ( I second guessed myself on your sn name but checked again and I was right) . I don't have panic disorder or traditional anxiety. I have low grade worry in all areas, it's just what I do, pretty much generalized anxiety disorder. Pretty much I've always used it to get me going and finish things, I don't know what it's like to not constantly have some worry on my mind. Kind of sucks actually. It's basically like your always a bit stressed and have something on your mind unless your on vacation. I think a snri like prisiq will work. I'm going to trial it in a day or so. As you stated the startup sucks but right now I"m experiecing alot of adhd symptom control with spurts of anxiety , .... and thats a good sign for me. One small piece of the puzzle and I'll be kicking butt and taking names...Passive , agressive... I love it!

06-27-09, 10:20 PM
Do you take a primary ADD stimulant med?

06-28-09, 01:44 AM
I am on celexa and adderall xr do well. Celxa took 3 weeks to ge into my system first 2 weeks felt weird but got better.

06-28-09, 02:51 PM
today is day one on pristiq, I feel a bit strange but nothing too bad. I don't want weight gain or anything that messes my body up or to be mentally dull, but there are worry thoughts that need to stop