View Full Version : Timeframe for different meds?

06-27-09, 03:35 PM
I was just wondering if people would share their experiences of their trial & error with different ADHD meds. I know every person and how they respond is different, but just learning about other experiences is helpful to me. (we are currently trying to find the right medicine for my 8 yo son)

I'm especially interested in how you monitor your younger childrens' reactions and how long you tried something before knowing if it was or wasn't right for them.

Thanks in advance!

06-27-09, 07:31 PM
My 9 year old has been on a variety of different drugs. I keep a log on the computer, and try to write comments on how he is that day/week, what teachers are seeing, etc. This is especially helpful when talking with the doctor to make changes. After 5 or so years on so many meds, I forget what worked and what didn't, or why we made the change.

We had been on adderall for several years, but he developed this picking fixation where he would have 10 - 15 spots on each legs that would be bleeding every day - he couldn't stop picking. But it worked well for many years, and the picking only began in January - no idea why!

He started strattera on June 1st (25mg) and celexa for anxiety. It is hard to tell where his attention is (straterra) now that it is summer.