View Full Version : HELLP - unorganized mess - how to/what to use for - email, tasks, to do, projects?

07-02-09, 02:32 AM
I work with/on computer systems, I do very well at it actually. But when it comes to being organized, I am a MESS! I lose emails, notes, passwords, etc. I never organize, I am looking for some ADD friendly ways to organize all the computer data I have, email, tasks, notes, etc.

I use an IPHONE and I know there are a ton of apps, I use Linux though at work, and Linux at home, but also Windows. I can use whatever I want at work or home, (Accept for Apple as I can't afford one at home & we don't use them at work).

Does anyone have some recommendations on organizing email, tasks, notes, etc? Also keeping track of thoughts, ideas, things to do, etc, and does anyone have recommendations on programs they use, any system - windows, linux and even MACs as I might get one at some point.

07-02-09, 02:44 AM
I'm a software developer, so I can relate to your struggle (it's mine too).

At work, I use TiddlyWiki to note down passwords, IP address, domain names for everything I need to know. It lets you write little articles and then tag them. Great for relational info.

At home I kinda use Evernote to keep notes. I should be using it more though...

For personal appointments, I use Google Calendar and sync it with my phone. I also sync my Outlook calendar with Google Calendar so I don't miss early morning meetings - much embarrassment at coming in at 10am and missing a 9am meeting. :o

07-04-09, 02:18 AM
Thanks, I use evernote (OK, I should, I just do my typical ADD stuff and don't use it).

I will try out that other app you mentioned. Thanks for the info on synching the iphone, I was thinking I could sync Thunderbirds lightning calendar plugin to google calendar and then to my iphone?

I am suprised there isn't much else to do for iphone & calendar unless you use Windows or a MAC.

Here is an app like evernote that I am going to try out, it looks good for organizing and synching.