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07-04-09, 01:16 AM
Im ADHDi and trying to loose weight ;) And im an Endomorph body type.. i read articles on the internet and i find myself confused by the information.. im reading that (for my body type) i should excersize LONGER, but LESS virgorously? would i be correct in assuming that this is intended to raise my painfully slow motabilism? How does gaining muscle mass affect all of this?

I never really was a health nut.. but im tired of it all now and need to make a physically sound change in my active life.. but it seems that no mater what i do all im doing is loosing water weight.. actual fat loss (seems) extremely difficult and just not.. ;(

I couldnt really give you an estimate on my caloric intake per day.. i should really keep track of that though.. but i do know its not 1500. Eating (at all) has been a huge task for me.. and since my motabolism is already so challanged.. even more so.. eating just seems like a waste of time ;D Unfortunately i know that im in a state of metabolic hybernation because of it which is just going to make me NOT loose weight.. my diet (when i DO eat) is generally quite healthy.. vegs (mainly brocolli), steak or chicken (im going to be moving into the chicken.. i dont find enough time to workout for a steak diet.. ) Lots of water.. uh.. Adderall ;) and Tea.

Any other Endo's out there with tips and general advice? Is it really possible to train my body type to mimic a Mesomorph? Being Endo is so frustrating. . i feel Emo ;DD