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07-05-09, 01:15 AM
Hey everyone,

I am going to be a senior this year and am struggling with taking the ACTs. I have already taken the ACTs three times, but have seen little to no improvement. I have a high GPA in school and am not seeing that reflected in my ACT scores.

I was wondering if anyone has tips for raising ACT scores or aids a teen with ADD can recieve for assistance with ACT.

feel free to comment on similar problems or solutions to this issue :)

07-05-09, 03:06 AM
Well, ACT is composed of English, mathematics, reading, science and writing (optional). Do you know which of those sections you're particularly having trouble with?

My suggestion would be to narrow down your weaker areas and focus on getting those better.

07-06-09, 01:20 PM
My son found that studying for the ACT was completely different than regular school work. He worked in individual sessions with a paid tutor (from a nationwide study group) that focused on his weaknesses. It wasn't cheap but he definitely improved his scores dramatically, particularly the reading section. They taught him all kinds of "tricks" for success.

Good luck.

07-06-09, 11:55 PM
Thanks for the advise. I'll definately look into the paid tutors.
I was also wondering if anybody knows wheather they give extended time periods for people who struggle to finish tests within the required time period.

07-07-09, 04:02 PM
They do, but I believe you have to have a 504 plan in place. You could probably check with your school about the procedure of getting one. You can also "google" 504 plan and there are a number of sites explaining it. It's from a disability act.

I think you will need a document from a psychiatrist confirming your ADHD diagnosis or whatever doctor supplies your medication if you take any medication.

My son takes Vyvanse and it really helps his ability to concentrate with test taking too.

Another thought is to research colleges that are sympathetic to ADHD and are aware of the differences in learning styles.

07-08-09, 12:27 AM
yes! thank you soo much. I will look into the 504 plan. I think that the lack of time is a big problem with me for test taking because the first 20 problems will take me way too long, and then I realize I have 40 problems left and begin to rush through the rest of the test.

I was also wondering if you would reccomend getting tutoring for ACTs and where your son got his tutoring. I am aware that it costs a lot, but if it's worth it I am willing to take that bet.

07-08-09, 08:55 AM
Hey, stargirl101, i'm entering my first year of college this year, and honestly my best advice would be what worked for me.

To do the best on my sat, I had a little sat guide that had little shortcut tricks, and I read the whole thing, try and memorize it, mostly the math section, especially if you don't like math because the shortcuts are a big help. That way you can rely on reliable tricks and not our impatient adhd minds!

Second, take the free online tests, yeah I'm cheap but just take the same test over and over even if you remember the answers until you get the test almost entirely right. Its more effective then you think. (Remember to take your time and read the answer you are going to choose twice to make sure its right!) I always read answers just straight up wrong almost like have dyslexia, but i think its just from going to fast. ( - (note that you may get to take a original test every time with this web site, not sure! Also notice that some questions are from the Barrons. Typically, Barrons questions are difficult as HELL so you will be over-prepared!)

Finally, honestly if you have a friend that takes medication for their adhd/add and you don't, ask to borrow some and take one ahead of time to get used to the feeling and then one during the test to perform better (take care of yourself, don't take medicine if you know you have an alergic reaction, etc.)

All of these, I guarentee will make a difference, good luck on your test!

I'm not a genius but to do consider myself very bright, I managed about a 2000 three score on the sat, and I spent no money to earn it. (my mom spent like $10 for the book :D)

07-11-09, 01:55 AM
wow. good for you a 2000 on the SAT is very good. it's nice to hear that you did not spend any money in order to prepare for the ACT. After spending 200 dollars on an ACT class with little to no benefits in my testing scores im starting to think that self studying is the best option. i think it is possible to do good on these tests without spending boat loads of money. i want to try to take the ACT without any medication though. i took adderall for a while, but found the side effects annoying. furthermore, i need to know myself that i can do this without the meds. i know i can do this. i know i am smart enough. i have a 3.8 in school, and i think that it's time my ACT scores start reflecting that. i know that my mind is not built for these standardized tests, but i know through the help of study material, helpful tips, and repetitive test taking that i CAN do good on the ACTs even with my ADD.

07-11-09, 01:57 AM
btw thank you soo much for the website link. ill be sure to use that.

07-13-09, 09:39 AM
No problem, I'm just glad to help you out.

Wow, a 3.8 with add? That is really impressive, you deserve a good score and no matter where you go to college, as long as you keep up that good work ethic, you will do great.