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04-29-04, 01:15 PM
Pike or as some of us like to call them in Canada, Jack fish for lunch.. < g >

I had a freezer give up the ghost on my yesterday. I was lucky to have room in another to save all that was vulnerable. In the process of moving things over I found a bag of jack fillets I'd forgotten about from last summer.

There was a little freezer burn on it as it wasn't immersed in water like I usually have it before hitting the freezer and I was a bit timid about it thinking it might be a little too fishy tasting for my discriminating wife. heh

I have been on a bit of a lemon kick recently adding juice and zest to everything and anything. Ginger has been devoured too but that's another story.

I had run out of lemons but there was a juicy ripe room temperature navel orange on the counter so that got juiced and grated to provide a marinade for the fish. I added a couple table spoons of soy sauce (not the sweet stuff), a tablespoon of fresh ground ginger and a healthy sprinkle of cayenne and then went away for a few hours. Some parsley may also have made the cut.

When I was ready to cook I added pepper and garlic powdered to some browned flour to dredge the fillets in before frying in hot butter. If the butter is hot enough to be "just" below the burning point the fish does not seem to take on much of the fat. The fish was in heavy fillets three quarters of an inch at their thickest and in ten minutes I had my three cast iron pans finished with the cooking. It met with rave reviews all round.

I needn't have worried about the fish being a little gamy. I was surprised to find the marinade not over powering but instead a pleasing compliment to the light fish. I was concerned that the tsp of zest might have been too much for the two pounds of fillets but it wasn't.

I was short some sourdough bread that had been postponed too long and turned out bitter but the girls pitched in and flushed out the rest of the meal well with veggies, salad and the like. I will definitely play more with fish and marinade.

Cheers! Ian.