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07-11-09, 04:55 PM
Hey Foalks,

Just thought that I would share something that I have started doing. This works if you have an Iphone, and I am sure would work with other phones or your computer.

If you have a Google Account this is all that you need. If you don't get one as it is FREE>

I use Google docs to make a FORM. Once made you can access from your computer or your phone etc.

This works great to make custom forms to track anything that you want too. I have seen people posting about ADD programs etc.

I currently have one that I use to track my day (I simply enter the time and what I am doing at that time) I will do this every once in a while to get a better idea of how I am using my time.

I have one that I use to enter how I am feeling, and I will access it once per day or sometimes more. I have a few scales on it that I simply pick a number.

For instance.

How are you feeling. 1-10
How is your stress 1-10
How is your depression 1-10
How is your brain Function 1-10
How is your Motivation 1-10


I can then type stuff that adds to why I entered this info.

At any rate it is a easy and simple way to track stuff like that, and if you have a Iphone etc. you can take it with you. All of the data that you submit is timestamped and then added into an Spreadsheet in google docs.

I have mine saved as menu items on my Iphone.

Anyone have any questions as I am sure this was a little confusing do not hesitate to ask.

07-18-09, 06:28 PM
I just got an iphone and am really loving it, it is everything I needed and expected it to be, to help me with "life." It is very ADHD friendly, as long as it's not lost, stolen, or dropped. Agreed, there are so many apps that are available to help you track this and that, and more being developed and released daily.

The contacts app easily integrates with e-mails and calls.

If you have a thot you need to follow up on, items to get at the next grocery run, or a list of things to discuss with your doc for example, you can use notes to jot them down as you think of them.

The calender app is customizable to your needs (do you need two reminders, the app does that!) from everything to tracking your monthly bills, appointments, assignments, ongoing periodic reminders, etc.

You forgot where you parked your car, there's an app for that to help you find it. Keep track of your vehicle maintenance, there's an app. Get lost on the road, need to know where the nearest gas station or restaurant is, get that app. Forget about the speed limit, get the speed-trap app.

Not to mention the ease of the copy-past function since the last upgrade.

Simply put, my brain in my phone! LOL! I have been able to let go of some of my tracking anxieties and let my phone take care of those for me.

07-18-09, 06:35 PM
And get a nice case for your iPhone too!!

I dropped mine from pretty far up and it damaged the screen hardware, causing the screen to only show vertical lines. But the case was a nice rubber one that kept the outside from being damaged.
Since it didn't look abused, the Apple store replaced the $200 screen hardware under warranty.

07-18-09, 09:20 PM
i'm totally in love with my iphone! i can't tell you how many times i've used the car-finding application alone.

07-18-09, 09:41 PM
Sorry about this 'but'...

These phones are useful and make our lives easier....
Our brains need exercising or they shut down,on us....

Is this good for the long term?

Imagine,the children of today,all,including nt and ad,growing up with a minature computer in their hand?No-brainer really............................................ .........

Little brother(similar to big)is always watching-and is now smarter.

09-17-09, 03:01 PM
I'll chime in to say that having an iPhone (though any "fancy phone" does the trick) has, among other things, enabled me to...wait in line!

Instead of getting all fidgety and worked up while on the bus (as in, "Is this the stop? No? Is this the stop? Why aren't we there yet?") or in line at the Post Office (as in, "What are they sending? Can I ask? Did I get the right label? What if I didn't get the right label? Oh no!"), I just whip out my iPhone, update my Facebook, my food journal, play Sudoku, or figure out how to say "toes" in Mandarin (jiaozhi).

@Doiadhd I can definitely see the possible problems with an over-reliance on any technology, and I certainly don't know exactly what's happening with my information (which could be bad). However, I've only got one life to live, and this is making the day-to-day of my life (especially as an adult ADDer) much more enjoyable. I'll accept the consequences as they come.

10-19-09, 08:28 PM
I love my iPhone as well, and I just wanted to plug my favorite app, Instapaper.

Basically, you add a bookmark to your web browser that says "Read Later" on an article or blog you want to read. Then when you launch the app, it downloads a text-only version, perfectly formatted for the screen size. (You can also make it download the graphical version of the page, but then you might as well just use safari). The two great things are that

1) When I come across something I want to read during the day, I don't feel the need to read it immediately lest I forget about it, I just click one button, and it's on my list.

2)The great thing is that I *always* have something to read when I have a few minutes/hours to kill.

It's great for reading in bed (it has a "dark mode" so it's not too bright) and has "tilt-scrolling" which makes it really easy to read with one hand. You can also adjust the text size, font, etc.

Finally there's a feature where you can "star" your favorite articles and it automatically shares with your friends. So for instance, I can open the app and see an article my friend across the country has shared, and it's instantly downloaded to my phone. So streamlined.

It's free, so you can just get an account and start using it, even without an iphone. As for the App, there's a free version so you can try it out, and the full version is 5 dollars. Well worth it in my opinion.

Hah this sounds like an ad, but I assure you I have no involvement with the app, I just love it very much. Definitely my most-used one.

On another topic, can anyone recommend a good todo/tasklist app?

I've used a couple of basic ones, but I would ideally like it to sync with Google Tasks, since I already use Google Tools a lot. I haven't yet found a good one.

10-21-09, 02:50 PM
That is definatly a suggestion I WILL start using! I have a Blackberry but the concept is still the same. Only reason I don't use the i Phone is because if you lose or break them then they aren't insured which is bad for those of us who are accident prone and seem to lose everything ;)

10-22-09, 05:32 AM
AT&T service does not have a great reputation around here, so the iPhone will have to wait.

I am thinking of upgrading to a Blackberry Storm soon. I have to look at one closer to make up my mind.

Until then, I have my LG flipphone and my iPod Touch.

But those are good ideas (the one for Instapaper looks pretty good)

10-23-09, 04:52 PM
Gaaah I want one so much!!

Had to drag myself out of the Apple store today!

Thing is, I can get the 3G for free, BUT only if I do a 24 month contract!! Eep...
And if I wanted to upgrade the phone to the 3GS I would have to wait until I'm ready for my upgrade with O2. Which I think is about 1 year to 18 months. :(
And 24 months is a scarily long time to be tied into a contract! That's 2 years!!

Of course there's Pay and Go but you don't get the Unlimited WiFi (well you do for the first year but still...) and I'd have to pay a lot more in a one-off payment. Which I can't do seeing as I am unemployed!
And you get for your money on a contract anyway.

So I'm going to *try* to ignore my impulsiveness, save some money, and get the 3GS, hopefully on a 18 month contract.

But enough of my rambling...BUBBLEWRAP!!!!!! :D :D :D

The Bubblewrap app!! Aaah! How amazing?!!

And I love the notes etc as well, as pointed out here it's very useful for people like us :p
They had the 3GS phones out on display in the store for people to play around with, and people had been adding things to the notes, intersting to read what some people had put! :p

I heard one of the staff members talking to someone else, and I swear they said there's something on it that lets you locate it if you lose it.

Wow :eek:

10-24-09, 03:41 AM
The Bubblewrap app!! Aaah! How amazing?!!

My daughter put that one on my iPod Touch, but I just can't get into it.
My favorite is Moonlight Mahjongg... I like to race, uh, with myself I guess :p

Another favorite of mine is Cuberunner

There are others that are fun and useful, but those two are the ones I seem to turn on most often.

Lost Focus
12-12-09, 07:17 PM
I've really been considering an iPod Touch as my tool of choice for helping stay better organized and on top of things, as the iPhone isn't available around here and isn't going to be until Q1 2011 when AT&T takes over the Alltel network in Montana.

Has anyone else used one as more of the tool than the toy it is perceived as being? If so, what apps have you installed to help in your normal daily activities?

12-12-09, 08:03 PM
I had an ipod touch specifically as a tool (never used it as an ipod) for a couple of weeks, and found it just as good as the iphone for what I wanted to use it for in keeping my life on track. Most of the apps are good on the touch as on the iphone as well. (I only got the iphone later cuz I didn't want to carry around 2 gadgets) I also missed the 3G at times.

Lost Focus
12-12-09, 08:48 PM
That's what I would hate to not have, 3G web access. But one can only do what they can do with the tech available in their area, so if the Touch is all I have as an option, I'd say it is a pretty good option.

12-13-09, 01:28 AM
Has anyone else used one as more of the tool than the toy it is perceived as being? If so, what apps have you installed to help in your normal daily activities?

I used mine as a tool and never as a toy...

Music - I use music to help me focus and concentrate on important jobs, and to help relax me... different genres for different tasks though;)

I use the calendar on mine although I haven't real good at synching it with my iCal on the MacBook. I put my work schedule on it and my daughter's activities. Sometimes I forget to pull it out of my pocket and check it, but when I'm using it on a regular basis it works really well for me.

When I go on lunch break at work, sometimes I like to sit in the comfy chair in the lounge and plug myself into my music for those 30 minutes I get.
I can set an audible alarm on the iPod Touch so that it gives me this perfect sounding alarm signal over the music at just the right level.
This way I can get back to the lab on time.

I can use the wifi feature to go to GOOGLE maps and look up locations I am heading to (especially if it's on an out-of-town trip in an unfamiliar town). Once I have the map on the screen I do the two-button push and take a screenshot of it, which automatically places the pic into my picture files. I can do this for a series of maps to show me which freeway exit to get off of, how may blocks to travel past, then where I need to turn to get to where I am going.

Pretty much most of what I use my iPod Touch for in connection with my ADD/HD is handled by the normal functions and not the optional apps.

I do have a lot of apps, but they're for things like ski reports at the hills we frequent, weather reports, one particular game, a graphing calculator that works fine for algebra classes, and so on.

Since getting the BB Storm (I got my daughter and myself these with new 2-year contracts), I find I use this more often for general tasks than my Touch, although the Touch is still my main music device.

12-23-09, 02:26 AM
I'm not a slave to technology but saw how useful it was when my friend was using it.

Any cool applications or functions the iPhone has? I haven't been using it long but was wondering whether I'm missing out on something that is there already and not making full use of it! :)


01-17-10, 03:18 PM
it's a great tool for this, and I didn't even know it, but been using it in all these "apps" :)

It's a tad pricey, and I wanted to use it for business, instead of the whole laptop thing at the airport. Few things it doesn't do, but pro's def outweigh the rest.

I really couldn't see paying $150 a month for unlimited use, and when traveling international, there is some huge upcharge (it's billed by data useage, not minutes) so depending on where you are, connectivity strength, etc You can't even judge how much you should pre-pay for... basically, something doesn't connect, you are going to get charged like $400 to check your email. that's how they profit.

But, the phone will still work anywhere you can get a wifi, so most of the time, you can logon anywhere. (I was at a Pizza Hut in Honduras for 3 hours doing this!!! I rec the breadsticks and tap water NOT)

and, if you don't have the phone, Im sure you could ebay one, or something. get one really cheap and never need service. I was going to unlock it, and there are all sorts of ways to use it that I am sure I haven't touched on, but it does what I need it to do, and so do the apps. currency ex, translators. I have been storing all this new found hyperfocus-ing revealations as well... and that's amazing. being a guitarist and studio eng. They even have a tuner you can get! really neat, but an 1/8" adapter to plug up during gigs is not feasible... well to me. just saying.

Only thing I don't like... no flash with the camera (which takes decent pics as well) why the video upgrade and not a flash? Mac/Apple are basically gods when it comes to audio/visual tech... and that seems sorta basic.

and the whole, waiting in line... yeah, I was stuck in VA for 2 days at the airport (this was about a month after discovering the adhd) right before xmas due to the huge snow... and if it hadn't have been for the phone to keep me busy...

Screaming kids were able to see Santa one more year!!! :)

01-17-10, 07:14 PM
Yup, the Apps are great and the iPhone is the thing that keeps me organized.

You can get basically the same functionality from the iPod Touch without the phone service and save some $$$

Just be sure you remember where you put it down!

01-18-10, 12:33 AM
Found a new (*free!!*) app the other day: Caregiver. I hate the name, but the free version basically lets you plug in 4 different meds & schedule them. It asks when you start your mds, how many are in a full Rx, how many are currently left, so it will *ding* you when it's time for a refill. You can have an audible reminder, or if you don't like that (I didn't), turn it off under "Settings" and you will just see a banner reminder. I will remind you an hour after the dose as well.

There is a paid version also, but all I can see is that it just gives you the label warnings, and allows more meds to be programmed.

So far I *really* like it!