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07-13-09, 04:19 PM

I have finally had enough of Adderall. I am tired of the zoned feeling, feeling addicted, getting the "look" from the pharmacist and the receptionist at the Dr's office. I took Adderall 10mg ER for about 6 months with some success. It only worked for the first part of the day anyway. I did some research and found some success stories with the Coromega products. My Sister is a phychiatrist/counselor and she suggested I visit the website ( I was amazed to find that this Dr. treats ADD/ADHD and other disorders with natural supplements. After much research I have purchased coromega health heart. This is a combination of their Qo10 product and their Omega3 product. I am on day 3 of the product and I feel great. I have been off Adderall for 1 week and on the Coromega product for 3 days. I am completely reducing sugars such as caffeine and soft drinks as well. Reducing the soft drinks is not a problem because since starting the coromega product my desire for sweets and candies has completely gone away. As far as increased focus? I had noticed some increase but I am not going to call this product successful until I get through one full month. I know a lot of these products take "time" to get in your system. My first promising results are decreased appetite for sweets, I am able to sit still at my desk for at least two hours (this was impossible before I took Adderall) and I am able to read long emails, web post etc and I also was able to type a few emails while on the phone at the same time. (This is a big advantage). I don't want to get too excited yet but this product has had good immediate impact. I will keep you posted how life without Adderall goes.

07-13-09, 06:14 PM
It is too bad you did not give Adderall a fair chance. The reasons make no sense to me. What does it feel like to be addicted?
Getting the"look??" Who cares what sort of a look a pharmacist or a receptionist gives you?
Ten milligrams is an extremely low dose is probably why it was not effective for you. If you read a few posts most everyone that takes Adderall titrates up to an effective dose.
Sorry you did not give yourself a chance to let the Adderall work for you. Good luck with your new plan. Be sure and let us know how this works for you.

07-24-09, 12:03 PM
I have been on the Coromega vitamin suppliment for almost 2 weeks now. I can't say that there have been any huge differences in concentration but there have been some noticable improvements. I am slowly getting myself off of the caffeine and sugar which should only help the situation. I have been doing a lot of reading and another possible cause of ADD/ADHD is a lack of proper magnesium levels. I haven't started taking any magnesium supplements yet until I have consulted my physician.

I am very focused on finding a natural alternative so I don't have to take the meds.

Anyone that has found some good information about vitamin supplements please pass them along.

07-24-09, 11:09 PM
do some reading on hypokalemia partial paralysis hyperkalemia partial paralysis that are comorbid with add executive disorder or add inattentive... since im hypo kalemic i take zinc magnesium and calcium and potassium supplements i have not got my dosages refined on every thing but im getting there!! I also take omega 3 fish on potassium sparing diet no flour sugar or refined or processed foods fruit vegatables proteins and fats..

07-18-11, 03:07 AM
hi! this might be coming in late but i just want to share that i'm also taking omega 3 fish oil (Maxalife) and i didn't experience any side effects. it's actually better than multivitamins or anti-stress medications. it also help my heart beat regularly for i had an irregular heart beat.

07-18-11, 12:09 PM
There is conflicting evidence on the holistic approach to treating adhd but if it works thats good for you