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07-14-09, 06:55 PM
Until yesterday, I never heard of spd or sid and I have to say i figured I was adhd and possibly I am but i am unequivocally convinced that I have spd and now i know its not my fault and I cant control it and I am not a bad person just out of sync. ADHD med not doing much but giving me a little buzz and allows me not to get overly excited or judgemental thats it. I like not being judgemental, but I wanted motivation and less distraction. Well guess what adhd doesn't help with that.

I am big time auditory processing deficient, somewhat visual but not real bad and moderated tactile. I have temperature, appetite, and mood regulation problems big time. And this drives people crazy to have to deal with all of my issues but its NOT MY FAULT YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You all have no idea what a big relief it was. I heard if you had adhd and was diagnosed I'd feel relief but I didn't because my issues are spd I don't have memory problems per se. I remember to go to appointments ok I write them down just in case but hey i remember pretty good. I am not late hardly ever. I am very smart yet people mistake me for not being smart when they judge me by my behavior. i don't live up to my potential however and alot has to do with fear and not feeling safe and all of my behaviors revolve around keeping me safe at all costs. I always put things in my mouth, It hurts when people whistle and I cant stand the music and tv going on the same time I am trying to do my job in the er waiting room. I cant stand overexcitable people their energy just overwhelms me and I want to scream. I am very picky about textures in foods, that is why I hate lima beans and ricotta cheese its gritty and I hate it when people shuffle their feet on the floor without picking them up it's like chalk going across the chalkboard it hurts my teeth. I separate my food I don't like them touching each other I don't like mixing tastes in my mouth. I used to eat paper. Gave that up thank goodness. I don't like to make eye contact it doesnt hurt i am very self concious and i don't know the appropriate length of time to look at them so i err on the safe side and advert my eyes first which to them shows a lack of confidence. I always cut tags off my shirts I like loose clothing but not baggy. My hair touches my face and it drives me crazy its prickles my face. I am a nail biter when I had long hair I always had it in my mouth. But hey I have spd its not my fault and now I feel free. thanks to this forum

08-20-09, 06:14 PM
check out rare kind of attention deficit disorder sensory overload an article that literally changed my life!! ill try to bring the link back here for you!!

08-24-09, 10:49 PM
Same here! bless this website! There is a kind of sound therapy here in Australia I am checking out, look at, maybe there is something similar in your area?

08-27-09, 10:18 PM

I'm glad you've found these forums useful and helpful.