View Full Version : Just starte Topamax - Feel Great 60% of the time, but polar 40% - is that a good sign

07-14-09, 09:32 PM
Along with ADHD I have type II bipolar. After being forced to stop taking Lithium because of the side effects a few months ago my doctor started me on Topamax a few weeks ago. The first two weeks I was taking 50mg and a felt horribly depressed, then I moved up to 100mg and it was a whole different story!

I would say 60% of the time I feel good, 20% down, and 20%, but the really interesting thing is the downs and ups are relatively brief. It seems I have entered a state of "rapid cycling" which I never experienced prior to the Topamax. Is this a good sign or a sign that the Topmax is actually creating problems that I didn't used to have?

Thanks for the help!