View Full Version : Does eating a big meal before taking meds eliminate the crash?

07-17-09, 10:10 PM
So today I met someone who's an ADDer like me and we started comparing med side effects. For me the biggest is the crash you get when it starts to wear off. It makes me terribly irritable and depressed, and I'm on an anti-depressant and it doesn't help so it's pretty dramatic. If it weren't for this, my meds would be perfect for the most part. I have probably posted about this problem one billion times on this forum. He said that he used to have that until he started eating huge, high fat breakfasts an hour before taking the first Adderall of the day. He says this eliminates the crash completely. Wasn't sure I believed him until I remembered that a few days ago, I had a perfect day with no crash and spent a lot of time trying to figure out why that was. Well, I remembered I'd eaten a huge, high fat meal first thing in the day! Orange tofu, lots of rice and vegetables, and potato chips. And then I took Adderall an hour or two later (so I wonder if timing affects it as well.) Does anyone else have experience with this and if it's true or not? I am going to try it out tomorrow but you know I'm impatient :p

Also I wonder if eating WHILE you're crashing will help alleviate the crash, or if it only helps if you do it first thing in the day. I've never eaten a lot of food in the first place, but will gladly pig out if it helps with the crash.

07-17-09, 10:20 PM
There is no way to avoid the crash.

But having something to eat before taking stimulants.... will avoid a very upset stomach :)

And drinking plenty of warm water will help prevent headaches and chest pains... as it dilates the blood vessels that were narrowed by the stimulants.

07-17-09, 10:34 PM
Yeah, I thought it was too good to be true. However, when I started taking stimulants I never had a crash, even at some higher doses. And plus, that great, crash-less day I had a few days ago... I can't stop thinking and thinking about WHY I didn't crash that day!!! Same Adderall dose and everything. It MUST be something... it's driving me nuts