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07-18-09, 12:10 PM
I will start out that I have poor hearing (IMO) but all the Dr. tests say different. I have a very hard time focusing my hearing on the person I am speaking with or the TV show I want to hear if there is a lot of background noise. It seems the background noise, whether it is the slight buzz of a fluorescent light or cars whizzing down the street, always takes my focus.
I have been told in the past I am not paying attention to the conversation, which has been regarded as disrespect too. I have obviously been struggling with undiagnosed ADD at this same time too.
Some background on me:
My father was a construction worker, and I was always too close to the power tools he was using at home while i was young.
I am now a teacher, I teach Technology Education, where 90% of my university courses were in a "shop" environment. I have taught 7 years with at least 2 courses per day in a "shop" environment. I have been conditioned to pay attention to the sounds machines make so I can tell when a student is using a machine improperly. I can tell what tool is on, and if its being used correctly or not, just by the sound it makes, and from across 2 classrooms.

Obviously I have done some damage and some conditioning to my hearing that has seemed to align with my ADD to really interfere with my conversational hearing. (does that make sense?)

Does anyone else have any similar background noise issues?

07-18-09, 12:15 PM
I think quite alot of people do to be honest.

Even those without ADD can have this issue.

Some noises are just more "stimulating" than others.

My brother was talking to me about "something" the other day, but I couldnt tune in to what he was saying, because my mind chose to listen to the cartoons on TV instead.

07-19-09, 06:47 PM
its add when you are able to process the info but get inadvertantly distracted by background noise. It capd auditory processing disorder when the background noise causes the info you are trying to listen to gets garbled. I have the add because I can understand whats going on but the background noise competes and because the two compete the background noise always wins out and then what i am hearing is a blur