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07-18-09, 08:28 PM
The Self

The pristine soul of generations flows through our veins,
as eternity closes in, it calls to us,
shaping itself in such a way that it becomes a part of us,
we are one, so similar, so different,

we will forever be a fragment of the whole,
drifting with our souls alone through out history
trying to make sense of it all, yet failing,

it is all a mirror image, a reflection of the truth,
as meaningless and fleeting as a gust of wind
just waiting to dissipate into a cloud of nothingness.

07-18-09, 08:34 PM
Breaking the Silence

Chatter on fair girl
to the rhythm of your heart.
In this eclipse of silence
your voice is a diamond.
It dances and plays
along strings of sorrow,
Cracking and breaking
chains of boredom.
Some might call it a nuisance,
others rudeness,
but to me,
it is like the warmth of the sun
after the endless night
of a stormy day,
Just perfect.

07-18-09, 08:36 PM
Painted Tears

They surround us
prismatic prisons
boxes of memories
piercing our thoughts
with images of time.

But generations pass
the memories are lost
and all that remains
are those painted eyes
staring ahead blindly
as they rot in their forgotten graves.

07-18-09, 08:58 PM
A haunting

An infection, they had to remove it.
It started off as a slight shiver, something was wrong,
and then it got bad, no control, shaking like a rattle.
Then the terrorists came, me trapped in a bed,
people shouting, but I was shot, in my leg.
Oh, the pain, I thrashed around kicking out,
they held me, wondering why, until at last came the darkness.

I knew I was dying; a nurse fed me poison.
Do you know how it feels to die? I do.
Thoughts flooded my head, apathy, sadness.
And then I was dead, but I could see,
I was filled with terror - will I exist in an earthen prison
eyes wide open, me and my thoughts for eternity.

But I was alive, no, I died, and was resurrected.
Reaching out, unable to move,
seeing stars in a window, the future,
A multitude of colors, day turning into night
in a blink of the eye. Under my skin molten lead.
Surrounded by tormented faceless people.
Burning, trying to grab at something as the world span around me.

The darkness washed away into blazing light, I slowly opened my eyes.
The white walls of the children's oncology ward greeted me.

05-03-12, 07:17 PM
Studying on a Misty Morning

Fuzzy thoughts on a broken day
in a languid blistering mind,
cradle the unknown lucidity
of echoing chasms of ink
as hopes of a fading time mark
the end of this lurid dream.